UNC-Clemson: Doherty Press Conference

Matt Doherty had the following comments after Carolina's 80-77 loss to Clemson in Littlejohn Colliseum.

Opening Remarks

"I'm disappointed that we didn't perform better. Our defense wasn't as sharp. They scored 48 points in the second half. We scored 77 points total, and that's enough to win a basketball game. That's just the way it goes. When you're on the road, you need to play great. We definitely have to learn from our mistakes."

Do you feel like there were too many 3-point attempts in the first half?

"We took 22 threes in the first half, and that's way too many. We needed to drive the ball more and create better shots and draw fouls.

Was Felton's last shot what you wanted?

"It wasn't the (best) shot we wanted. However, he's the kid I want with the ball in his hands in that situation. I admire him for wanting to take that shot. He'll make more of those shots than miss them."

How would evaluate Carolina's defense today?

"I felt like our defense broke down. I didn't think our help defense was good. We weren't as sharp as we were on Wednesday. We can't let them shoot 54%, and we can't give up 18 offensive rebounds. Also, we fouled too much. The shot 26 foul shots, and that's too much."

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