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Inside Carolina's Friday press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Roy Williams and Marcus Ginyard, who spoke to the media as the Tar Heels welcome Georgia Tech to the Smith Center on Saturday.

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On Tyler Zeller's injury:
"He has a stress fracture of the third metatarsal of his right foot. Basically, what that means is that he is out. I talked to Dr. Brigner last night and the normal time period for these kinds of things is four to six weeks. We don't know if it will be that long, we don't know if it will be longer. It just depends on how [everything] reacts to the healing process. We've got him in a bone stimulator.

"We do feel good about catching it early. Nothing showed up on the X-ray and then we did a MRI Monday or Tuesday and nothing showed up, but it did show up in a bone scan on Thursday. So he hasn't had any activity since the Virginia Tech game. But again, we feel like we found it early. But that's a small bone, compared to Tyler Hansbrough's shin bone, which was a large bone. The bottom line is that he is out. I guess the best way to put it is that he's out indefinitely, because I think that's what everybody with a stress fracture is."

On the program's rash of injuries, dating back to Sean May's foot:
"It's frustrating that it's anything. Tyler Zeller was a wrist last year. I've had years that we haven't had many injuries. But the last three years I think we've had way past what would be a normal year, I think. Whether it goes all of the back to Bobby [Frasor's] ACL or Z's broken wrist, Tyler Hansbrough, Tywon Lawson, Marcus Ginyard. You can go on down there quite a bit.

"You have some years – we talked about it this morning. I think it was '05 when Rashad McCants missed the last four games of the regular season and I think that's the only time we had anybody miss that year. But it's been a long time since we had one of those years. It's definitely frustrating and it's more frustrating to Z than anybody else."

Regarding the sports medicine report:
"When it says ‘Practice per coach's discretion,' that usually means that we'll just limit them quite a bit. That statement's down there for a few guys on the sports medicine report."

Who is on that report?
"Marcus [Ginyard], Will [Graves], Leslie [McDonald], Ed [Davis]. That's a lot of guys."

Is Zeller going to need surgery?

What's wrong with Davis?
"Ed's been bothered by his hip for a week or so."

More on Zeller:
"He's frustrated. He has a wonderful way of handling things. Some people may look at it and say, `He doesn't even start.' But that's a big loss. He's our fourth leading scorer only playing 16 minutes a game. It was only a week ago I told him he deserved more minutes."

On Georgia Tech:
"They're very physical, athletic and strong. If you're talking about strength and athleticism, they're at the top of the list. It's a challenge for our guys. We still have to be able to score inside, which we didn't do at Clemson."



On dealing with Zeller's injury:
"We've had to deal with injuries a good bit this year already, playing a man down. Everyone else has to play that much better. We've just got to step up our level of play, not that we didn't need to do that already."

Do all of these injuries affect team chemistry?
"We would like to get to a point where it doesn't really affect us that much, but there's no question that it does. Just having the familiarity with other players and what they're going to be doing. It's tough when people are going in and out like that, but we've just got to do the best we can and just go out and try to execute our game plan… It's tough, but you've got to make due."

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