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GREENSBORO, N.C. --- After his Norfolk Christian team cruised to a 27-point win in Monday's MLK Scholastic Classic at the Greensboro Coliseum, James McAdoo talked with Inside Carolina ...

Big first half and then fouls slowed you down in the second (finishing with 18 points, 10 rebounds). What did you think of your performance?

"It was good. Think I had an outstanding first half and then in the second half they caught me with two quick fouls and that was the first time I've sat on the bench that long in my whole career. It was a great opportunity to come down here, and we showed we could play -- as you can tell from the scoreboard."

What made it "outstanding" for you?

"When I get my dunks, my inside game, and when I can knock down a three and hit my jumpers. That's really something I'm trying to improve - my outside play - as a three-man, I know I'll probably have to play that in college so I'm trying to work on that all that I can in high school."

Having seen a number of your games this season, it seems your patented move is jumping the passing lane on the perimeter to get the steal and then going the length of the floor for a dunk. You had three of those today ...

"I definitely use my length to my advantage. I'm able to sit off my man, keep my man in one eye and the other eye on the ball and use my off-hand to jump the passing lane is really successful."

And after that you're outracing everyone to the rim ...

"In the offseason I worked on my running form, getting out to use my stride and it's paying off. Three strides and I'm down the court for a dunk."

You feeling any lingering problems with your shoulder, that was operated on over the summer?

"No. I took a tough fall today and hadn't taken a fall like that since I got injured. When I got up I made sure everything was all right and shrugged it off."

How do you feel your game has developed since the start of the season?

"It's been about getting back into shape. We were down in South Carolina and Tampa and I was struggling, but playing in those tournaments helped me get my wind back - it really has helped my legs and my jump shot."

Talk about your matchup with a future ACC player in Jarrell Eddie today.

"All we knew is they had a Virginia Tech commit coming in, so Coach said 'You got him' so I checked him. He did most of their ballhandling and I wasn't expecting that, so that's something I definitely have to work on, too, is guarding the ball farther away from the basket."

You've been down to some UNC games this year. What are your thoughts on their season thus far?

"I love it down there and the sooner I can get there and do my part to help them out. They're young and it's not how your start the season, it's how you end the season. So hopefully they'll be all right. It's not the team from last year, a lot of people have to remember that, they don't have five guys about to go to the NBA on the team."

Do you still take notice when Roy Williams is watching your game, like he was today, or have you gotten used to it over the last couple years?

"It's more of an incentive for my teammates. We got to practice in the Dean Dome yesterday and they love that. I like to go out there and show him my potential, my skills and what he has to work with. But if the ref calls a foul, I'm not going to make an ugly face because I know Roy's watching me."

What was it like getting to practice in the Smith Center?

"We were down here yesterday and that was something we looked at doing so we worked it out."

How much do you keep in touch with the other recruits that are committed to North Carolina?

"I probably stay in touch with Kendall the most, because I played with him in AAU. And then P.J. I talk to him on and off - I talk to him the most when we're down at Carolina together."

Is there an effort to form a bond before you're in school together?

"I definitely look at Kendall, Reggie and Harrison and the bond they have, so I'm hoping P.J. and I can develop that over time."

Do you think there will be an additional recruit to join you guys in that class?

"As I look at it, I think, yeah, Coach is trying to bring in another big guy, but then he's looking at point guards. He's looking at guys like the point guard from Charlotte [Marquis Rankin], [Cody] Zeller ... he's all over the place, but that's his job - I just play ball."

If they were to bring in another post player, what type of big man do you think would best complement your game?

"I would think a big banger, a guy who could take away a double team so they can't double down on him. Maybe another guy as versatile as me that can knock down jumpers as well ... he'd be the banger, I'd be the [face-up four], then we'd have Harrison [Barnes] and we'd be all right [up front]."

Have you had a chance to talk to Coach Williams about what you'll bring to the team when you arrive at UNC in a couple years?

"When he was recruiting me, one thing I remember he said was that I'm not going to be the point guard and I'm not going to be the center, which means I'll be all over the place - getting out on fast breaks, run the floor and finish. He just wants me to be a basketball player and do what I do best - defense, put the ball in the hole."

As someone who is working to develop small forward skills and diversify your game, are you watching how UNC is developing John Henson?

"I wouldn't equate our games, but I've talked to Coach about how they're trying to develop him into that 3/4 guy. So I definitely look at how he's doing, what they're having him do and I can see myself fitting in that role real well."

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