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GREENSBORO, N.C. --- It was a tough night for P.J. Hairston. His three-pointers weren't falling, his team was outgunned by nationally-ranked Oak Hill and in the final play of the game he went down with a painful ankle sprain. Despite all that, the 2011 Tar Heel commitment chatted with Inside Carolina afterward ...

How's your ankle?

"Doctor told me it's just probably a bad sprain so I'll sit out this whole week and see if I can get ready to play Saturday, but if it's still hurting I"ll be out the week and be ready in two weeks. ... I jumped and the guy went under me and I landed on top of his foot. It kind of just popped. It was real painful. I thought it was broke, but it's just a real bad sprain."

Doron Lamb was guarding you pretty tight throughout the game. What were you doing to try and create some space to get off your jump shot?

"Just come off screens to try and get open and get the ball. He was on me real tight."

You got off to a fast start, with a dunk off the tip and nine points in the first quarter ...

"Off the tip, the first play of the game, me and [point guard] Brennan [Wyatt] try to set it up before every game. He'll get the ball and I'll break. I had three dunks in the beginning of the game that came off of hustle plays and defense."

In a game like today where your three-pointers aren't falling, is it a matter of getting into a rhythm or more luck of the draw?

"Once I hit one, and then another, I'm getting real hot and won't miss, but today they did a great job playing defense."

Do you notice when Roy Williams is at your games or do you just try to focus on the game?

"I actually looked at him one time. He smiled at me because I [went at] the big 7-1 guy and he's a real big kid ... I always play ball regardless of who's watching. I just feel more confident when he's over there, that's basically what it is."

Confidence seems to be key to being a big-time shooter ...

"I'm always confident. That's my big thing, I'm real confident about the shots I take. When I shoot I always think it's going in."

You've made some more visits lately to Chapel Hill. What's that been like for you?

"It's just fun up there. I have a bunch of friends up there now. It's only about 45 minutes from my house, so it's not a far drive. I can go up there anytime I want."

Have you been developing a relationship with the other recruit in your UNC class, James McAdoo?

"Oh, yeah, me and James we text every other day. He'll ask me how I'm playing. I texted him today 'Good luck' for his game."

What kind of guidance does Roy Williams give you now that you're committed. Does he help you with your game?

"He told me after the Kinston game to get my feet set on my shot because he says when I get my feet set he feels confident about my shot going in, too. ... He's still giving me advice and it's great advice because today the shots I set my feet on were going on."

Are you keeping track of the team this year and watching how they're doing?

"Yeah, the last game I watched was the Georgia Tech game. Will had a big game and that's what he did at Dudley - he used to shoot a lot - and then I thought he was shooting from the same spots I was at the Kinston game."

The team has a need for more perimeter shooters this year. As someone who plans to provide that when you arrive, has that crossed your mind?

"I think it's wide open for me and Reggie. He'll come in, be one of the top shooters on the team, then that'll give me a year to come in and it'll be me Reggie and Harrison and that'll be a great trio."

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