Lipford Set on UNC

Before taking his North Carolina official visit, Darius Lipford had already firmed up his commitment to the Tar Heels. Unsurprisingly, this past weekend's visit did nothing but solidify that stance

"I really enjoyed myself," Lipford said. "I got to meet a lot of the players – a lot of the guys are cool."

Lipford, a 6-foot-3, 201-pound linebacker from Lenoir (N.C.) Hibriten, switched his verbal commitment from Duke to UNC just before Thanksgiving.

Despite being firm in his commitment, Lipford officially visited Clemson last weekend. Lipford says he's now finished taking official visits.

"South Carolina was [trying to get me to visit], but I'm not going to go down there," Lipford said.

After helping Hibriten defeat Newton (N.C.) Foard in basketball by 40 points Friday night, Lipford headed to Chapel Hill. Accompanied by his parents and younger sister, he arrived on campus a little after midnight.

Lipford has visited UNC a couple of times before, but this trip was more in-depth.

"This time, I had a lot more time to talk to the coaches," Lipford said. "And a lot more time to met players and actually talk to them about the college. And see how every day life is for a player."

During his stay, Lipford says he spoke extensively to every member of UNC's coaching staff. However, he spent more time with Allen Mogridge, Lipford's primary recruiter.

"He just made sure I had a good time," Lipford said. "He asked me what I thought about the players and what I thought about the campus."

For much of the visit, Lipford hung out with a group of football players that included Marvin Austin, Zach Brown, Jared McAdoo, Michael McAdoo, Kevin Reddick, and Deunta Williams. Reddick, though, was Lipford's player host.

"[Reddick] was real down to earth," Lipford said. "He was straightforward with everything. He was telling me how it was, how he felt about the university, and what things were like time-wise.

"He really likes the university and he seems like a real competitor – sports-wise, he loves to compete. He was telling me some stories from some of the games – competing with some of the running backs from the other team."

Fellow official visitor Kareem Martin also tagged along with Lipford and the group of current Tar Heels.

"I've known [Martin] for a couple years now," Lipford said. "I was getting his perspective on everything and trying to see what he liked about the university, too."

Lipford says he "somewhat" attempted to recruit Martin.

"I was trying to put in a good word for UNC," Lipford said. "I'm sure he'll make the right decision, though."

Lipford closed out his official visit by meeting with Butch Davis.

"He's looking forward to me arriving this summer," Lipford said. "He asked me if I had any questions and if all of my questions had been answered. Pretty much the visit itself put away all the questions I had about the university, the players, and the coaching staff…He told me about the new equipment coming in. I got to see a little preview of some things coming up."

Additionally, Davis told Lipford he's got a chance to see the field as a freshman.

"He asked me what I was going to be doing this spring, because they're thinking about playing me early," Lipford said. "I may not necessarily play linebacker, but on special teams. But I still may red-shirt."

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