UNC the Frontrunner for Gainer

After taking his first official visit over the weekend, Brandon Gainer has his first true leader of his recruitment.

"[The visit] makes [North Carolina] my frontrunner now," Gainer said. "When I go to these other schools, I have to see how they go. But [UNC] definitely set the bar high.

"[UNC's] whole defense is coming back next year. On top of that, they're going to have three running backs that are going to be seniors this year… They said they won't red-shirt me, because if I come there I'll probably be the third ‘back; but if they do, that's still good because everyone is a senior."

Gainer, a 5-foot-11, 185-pound tailback from Miami (Fla.) Central, will officially visit Texas Tech on Wednesday. After that visit concludes, he will fly directly to Orlando for his Central Florida official trip.

On Signing Day, Gainer will choose between Central Florida, UNC, and Texas Tech.

"Since Signing Day is three or four days after I take [my last] official visit, I think I'll give myself a couple days to think about it and by Signing Day I should be ready," Gainer said.

Gainer's UNC official visit began on Friday afternoon and lasted until Sunday morning.

"The visit went perfect," Gainer said. "I learned a lot about the tradition and the history of the school. I learned about the program and about the academic side. I liked everything about the school – I don't have anything bad to say about it. They made me feel right at home."

Gainer's visit began and ended in Butch Davis' office.

"He was just asking me how the trip was," Gainer said. "He really didn't try to pressure me into anything, which made me feel good. He asked me about my family. He talked about my coaches. He talked about my goals and ambitions. And I got to ask him a couple of questions."

Gainer spent a significant amount of time with UNC's entire coaching staff. However, he spent the most time with Ken Browning, UNC's running backs coach.

"We broke down film [and] he showed me a couple of things," Gainer said. "He's a real, real good coach. I told him if I come up there I'll be in his back pocket. I like coaches I can just talk about football with."

Devon Ramsay was Gainer's player host. Regardless, Gainer usually hung out with a group of players, including Marvin Austin, Shaun Draughn, and Greg Little.

"The players were cool," Gainer said. "I got to spend time with most of the team. I got to ask them questions about how if the coaches yell, curse, scream at you. They said they're all very cool."

When he wasn't with the players or coaches, Gainer was either eating or touring some part the campus.

"I though the campus was beautiful and the facilities were great – but everyone has good facilities," Gainer said. "The town was all about the college – I don't think there's another town that's like that."

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