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Inside Carolina's Monday press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Roy Williams and Travis Wear, who spoke to the media as the Tar Heels travel to Raleigh to face N.C. State on Tuesday.

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Ed Davis injury update:
"I'd like to give you a great answer, but I don't have one. If the game had been scheduled yesterday, I would not have played him. So he's got make some very significant improvement from practice yesterday at 2pm until 9pm tomorrow night. And if he does, we'll try to play him. If he does not make any significant improvement, we won't."

What's giving him the most trouble?
"He doesn't feel good about planting the foot and pushing off going sideways. In fact, he had more swelling on Thursday. We didn't play him on Wednesday night and Thursday he had more swelling. So the big factor has been trying to get the swelling down. It has been somewhat painful, but probably the other part of it would be a lack of confidence in being able to plant and push and go laterally."

There have been a lot of ankle problems this year. Have the players changed styles of shoes or anything?
"Some of our guys are using the shoes they wore last year. It's crazy. I think we see more ankle injuries now than we did 35 years ago when it was just those canvas Chuck Taylor All-Stars. But the fact of the matter is that kids are bigger and stronger and put more stress on the joints. Shoes have gotten a lot lighter. I'm not intelligent enough with technology to know if that's been good or bad. But to me the whole deal is that there is just so much more stress put on every joint…

"My own personal opinion is that I don't attribute it to any kinds of shoes, any styles of shoes… What we do is that all of our guys have to be taped or wear braces. So you would think that we are doing some things that would be good for them. Yet maybe we should get them to turn into hippies and go to class every day in bare feet and their ankles would get strengthened up like that. Who knows?"

Is Tyler Zeller on schedule to return?
"I don't know that they can make that kind of assessment. I know he's having an X-ray today and he's having another MRI on Thursday. He's getting a lot of treatment. He's wearing the [protective] boot. He's in the pool. He wants to attempt to qualify for the U.S. Olympic team as long as they'll let him wear his floaters. So that's all he's been doing right now. I'm not knowledgeable enough about it to know what they can tell, but I know they can't tell anything until they get the X-ray today and the MRI on Thursday."

On playing at N.C. State:
"If we can get a mentality of going over there and blocking everything out and focusing on ourselves and the game and what's happening on the court, that will help us."

On the shift from worrying about defense in recent years to worrying about offense this season:
"It is completely different. They do call it a scoreboard. It's not a draw-charge board or a dive-on-the-floor board. But the ability to score is something that's hard to match. If you go down and look, the teams that have won national championships, yes, they all play great defense but they also had guys that could put the ball in the basket. Ty Lawson got us a lot of easy shots because of his ability on the break. Tyler Hansbrough got everybody else a lot of easier shots because he got so much attention. We got to the free throw line more and we had good free throw shooters…

"So it was a team that scored the ball easily. I enjoyed that. But that's what we've got to do a better job [with] here."



On the practices since the Wake Forest loss on Wednesday:
"We've been going at each other hard these last couple days. Our confidence is up where it needs to be and we're looking forward to playing State tomorrow...These last two practices have been more competitive than any practices I've been involved in so far."

On N.C. State forward Tracy Smith:
"He's a beast inside. We'll have to move our feet and keep him out of the paint and front him as much as possible."

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