Monday Roy Williams Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- North Carolina head coach Roy Williams spoke with reporters Monday for his weekly ACC teleconference.

Opening comments:
"Well, needless to say, since we talked last Monday we've been pretty high and pretty low. We did some nice things at Raleigh, particularly the last 15 minutes of the game, and got out of there with a very good win. And then yesterday at our place, we didn't play very well at any point during the game. Virginia really did some great things and kicked us. So it's one end of the spectrum to the other."

What issue are you most concerned with?
"Well, I think it's everything. If I could pick out one thing, it would be easier to attack. We've worked on trying to guard the dribble and stop dribble penetration, and we didn't do a good job with that. We wanted to try to move the ball quickly and have good spacing and get a great quality shot for us and try to make sure the quality of their shot was not very good. We wanted to dominate the backboards and I don't know that any of those things happened. So it's not just one thing. We've got some work to do; there's no question about it."

Is there something about this team that gives you hope that you can this season around?
"I always have hope – there's no question about that. That's the only way I know to go about doing it, is to work as hard as possible can and that's what we'll do. The kids have today off. We had originally scheduled it that way and I started to change it, but I thought it would be better just to let them have some private time and then we'll have two great practices on Tuesday and Wednesday and face a big-time challenge, a big-time test on the road on Thursday."

Can you give some examples of things that have worked in the past but aren't working this year?
"It's the total package. The day before we go crazy about not getting great balance, and yet, a couple of times in the game last night we didn't have great defensive balance. We've had 61 practices now and the things that I've preached for the previous 21 years seemed to work and the things that I've preached this year the same as those 21 haven't worked.

"So I've got to find a different way to do it, to find something different. Every year, I think, you make little changes – some of them subtle and some of them big changes. We're not running the ball anything like I would like to run it. We're playing zone. We've got three or four different offenses that we've tried to use as opposed to sticking with one, which is what I've done most of my career.

"Right now, it hasn't worked as well as we would have liked it to work. I'm at wit's end, but at the same time, I've still got to keep trying to think of something to do and I still have to keep working and I have to make sure that they keep working, because without it we don't have any chance whatsoever. We're going to tweak around with it a little bit and see if we can change a few other things and get them to buy into it a little bit more and then take it from the practice court to the game night."

Have you ever been this deep in the season and still trying to figure out what to tweak?
"No – never have. But I've lived a pretty charmed life. All of our teams have just always bought into what we said and it seemed to work. It hasn't seemed to work as well this year, so we've got to keep trying."

What do you do to keep the team a tight unit off the court during trying times?
"Well, I don't really see that as a problem whatsoever. I don't think they'll get splintered. I think they're a group of kids that do like each other, that do enjoy each other's company. I don't see any factions drifting off one way and another group drifting off another way. I don't see any cliques on the team by any means. We've just got to invest a little bit more, and if we invest a little bit more, maybe we'll build those habits that need to be there on game night, because right now, they're not habits. We're not doing them as often as we should… Maybe I'm naïve, but I really, really don't have any concern about any cliques forming or anything like that."

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