UNC-NC A&T: Curtis Hunter

CHAPEL HILL, NC--Former UNC basketball player and current NC A&T head coach Curtis Hunter addressed the media after his team fell to former teammate Matt Doherty's Tar Heels, 93-57.

How tough was it to "come home"?

It is never tough for me. I don't play anymore. But it's always a joy to come around and be welcomed. It's been awhile since I played here, and you are always welcome with open arms. It's always a pleasure to come back here. You try to use a game like this to show our guys what it is really about, getting out and doing certain things. Hopefully, they'll learn from it. We played three other ACC teams this year, and this one is always a special one. I'm always trying to do the same thing: get guys to compete consistently and on a regular basis.

How much did you want to keep this game from being an up-and-down type of game?

W-e-e-ell, it's kind of hard. That's one of the things we talk about, when you play teams the calibre of those in the ACC, the mistake you make, they score on. We have to continue to do certain things in making the game simple and doing certain things that you aren't going to get against teams in our conference. It's still about going out there and playing. If you say that they lace their shoes up just like we do, go out there and really do that. It's still a learning experience.

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