Tapley Picks the Tar Heels

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --- Sean Tapley had been committed to South Carolina for over a year, but on Signing Day the 6-1, 185-pound wide receiver from Jacksonville (Fla.) Raines switched to the Tar Heels.

Why did you pick North Carolina?

"It was close; I had to make a big decision. North Carolina just came on top, mostly because of the business program and how they are ranked in the top 5 in the nation. I am also a big Nike fan which helped my decision."

How did the recruiting process unfold leading up to your decision today?

"I committed to South Carolina awhile back. They were my first scholarship and I felt really good when I visited their school. I was also offered other scholarships as well. After that process I narrowed it down to three scholarships: Miami, South Carolina and North Carolina, but I ended throwing Miami out of the picture … and they stopped contacting me as regularly so I left them alone and turned towards North Carolina and South Carolina."

"I really don't know too much about North Carolina. I was thinking I was going to go to South Carolina but when I went on my official visit I learned a lot about them and it just changed me. They offered me the same things as South Carolina: they offered me playing time, my number and all of that. It was very close, so I thought it over and prayed and I think I made a good decision. I am happy with my decision to go to North Carolina.

What do think about the direction of the program?

"Their whole defense is coming back and we have a good shot at a national championship this year. They also have a lot of offensive starters coming back and I think I will fit well in the pro style offense."

What do you think about playing as a true freshman?

"I think the chances are very good."

Raines coach Deran Wiley

Tell me why North Carolina made a good decision by signing Sean Tapley?

"He is a special talent. He is diverse as they come as far as on the field but he can do it all: punt returns, receiver and defensive back. They are getting a guy that you can't go wrong with. He has character, good grades and all the intangibles. They're truly getting a special guy and he is a natural at what he does. I am excited for North Carolina."

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