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Inside Carolina's Wednesday press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Roy Williams and Larry Drew, who spoke to the media as the Tar Heels travel to Blacksburg to face Virginia Tech on Thursday.

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How have things been since the Virginia loss?
"Well, we didn't practice Monday. We had already made the decision to give them Monday off… Yesterday we had a pretty significant practice and pretty significant tape session where we showed them a lot of the plays that we were talking about. It doesn't change the way I felt after the game. I still feel just as bad. We're trying to teach. And now I've put more of an onus on them to learn. We've challenged them a little bit and we'll do it again this afternoon.

"It was a good practice yesterday. But we could have really good practices and still struggle with what we have left. Early in the year, and I almost never do this, but for some reason I looked at this point and I said, ‘Boy, it's going to be a tough stretch right there.' And it really is. At Virginia Tech, at Maryland, Duke… We've got to get better everyday. I'm not going to let them get the best of me; I'm going to try to get the best out of them."

How do you put a pulse on Marcus Ginyard's declining production these last few weeks?
"I really don't know a great answer to that. I think that seniors a lot of times put a lot more pressure on themselves and you have to be concerned about that. You have to be concerned about their psyche. But also, I'm tired of that. It's put up or shut up kind of time. It's basically what it is…

"Looking back on it, I wish I had majored in psychology as opposed to health and physical education. I thought I had to do that to be a coach. But my college education would have been much more valuable if I were a better psychologist. But also, I get tired of worrying about somebody's psyche. My God, play the dadgum game. That's what it boils down to. And I've tried. They understand that I'm tired of that part… It's time to play. Either play or don't play."

On coaching effort:
"I've told them that I have never had to coach concentration and effort as much as I feel like I'm trying to coach that now. They should be able to supply that. And in saying they should be able to supply that, I've got to figure out a way to help them get that done. Evidently, I haven't done a very good job of it."

On the offensive woes:
"I do love to run the ball. We had three situations the other day, 3-on-2, 3-on-1, we didn't score a single basket out of any of them and that's frustrating. ... It's a strange thing because we've always scored so frequently in a full-court game that we constantly had to work on our half-court game because when it happened, it was unusual for us. Now, it's happening a lot so we still have to work on it because we're faced with it a lot.

"We're not getting any easy ones. In Raleigh, we got some easy ones. Our defense made some steals 35 feet from the basket and we got some baskets that way."

On playing the five freshmen together:
"Somebody said something, `The upperclassmen had to be disappointed when you put in five freshmen (against Virginia) and they were outscored 7-0.' I said, `They better not be because their butts were outscored 11-0.' They were outscored 8-0 and I put the freshmen in and they were outscored 7-0 and then the old guys got outscored 3-0 again."

On youth being a problem:
"I don't want to sit back and wait until guys get old, because I've got to enjoy today. I don't know if I'm going to live until tomorrow the way we're going right now. In 2000 and 2001, two of the poorest teams we had in the last 14 years at Kansas, and their junior year and senior year they went to the Final Four. But I don't want to wait like that…

"I had some calls on the radio show the other night wanting to know if I would think about putting some guys on the bench and starting some freshmen and playing for next year. I can't give up on these guys. My Gosh. We've got to enjoy what we're doing and try to do the best we can with this bunch."

On Tyler Zeller:
"He got out of the boot last Monday after the X-rays and they said they were going to do it again in two weeks, which would be next Monday."



On the offensive woes:
"We'd like to get steals and usually, steals lead to fastbreak points. We just need to do a better job in the halfcourt executing and in the fastbreak situation also."

On what Coach Williams is doing different this year to help the team:
"We've had a lot more team meetings than we've had in the past. He talks a lot more, just trying to inspire us, trying to get us pepped up for practice or before a game. We didn't really do that that much last year because everything seemed to be going the way we wanted it to go. At some point, we as the players, we've got to step up."

Coach said on Monday that he doesn't believe he should have to coach effort. Do you agree with that?
"Yes, I do."

Do you feel like your effort is where it needs to be on a consistent basis?
"I don't think anybody's effort right now is where it needs to be for us to be the team that we're striving to be. It's definitely showing up out there on the court. We just need to play harder."

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