Golson: 'The Time Is Right'

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. --- Everett Golson not only knew he wanted to be a Tar Heel, but he knew he wanted to be UNC's first 2011 commitment to jump start the recruiting class. The junior quarterback talked to reporters about his decision ...

On his decision:

"My biggest reason for doing this: I felt it was always my dream to be a North Carolina Tar Heel. And right now I feel like I can seize the opportunity to do that…

"My other reason is I wanted to get into it early to try to be a recruiter for North Carolina. I feel like there are a lot of people out there that are on the verge of making their decision also. I'm just trying to assist North Carolina in helping them make the decision. I feel like if we can get the recruits we can have a really great team."

What did Butch Davis say when you told him you were going to commit?

"Basically, they said they were real excited and they couldn't wait to get me up there. I'm actually supposed to be going up there on the 13th [of February]."

On UNC not signing any quarterbacks with the 2010 class…

"Right now, I'm going in with the mentality of I'm trying to be the starting quarterback of the North Carolina Tar Heels. There may be some things that come up that don't allow me to do that, but that's my mentality right now."

On being a part of a recruiting class with another quarterback (as UNC is aiming to get two QBs in the 2011 class)…

"One thing about me: I'm a real competitor. I feel like anywhere I go I'm going to have to compete for the spot… I'm very confident.

"Everybody talks about Justin Worley. He's a good quarterback also. But I'm willing to compete for that spot against anyone."

Do you know Worley and does he know that you were going to commit to UNC?

"I've talked to him on numerous occasions. I don't think he knows [I was going to commit today]."

Will you also play basketball at UNC?

"I've always been a dual-sport player, so I'll continue to try to play football and basketball."

Has UNC given you a guarantee that you'll walk-on the basketball team?

"Yes. Obviously, they've offered me for football and I talked to Coach Roy Williams a bit. And he was telling that he'd give me the opportunity to try out for the basketball team.

"I feel like that's all it really takes is that opportunity."

What does Roy Williams think about your basketball ability?

"I really haven't talked to him on that level. But I'm sure he'll find something [about me] that he likes."

On playing in a pro style offense in college after playing in a spread in high school…

"I feel like I'm good in my abilities. I feel like I can contribute a lot to the team and learn a lot from them. They run a pro-style offense, which consists of handing the ball off a lot. I feel like I could go in there and they'll see something in me so we'll be throwing the ball a little bit more."

You've been leaning towards UNC for a while, when did you know it was time to commit?

"I've been over it numerous times – just asking myself if was I ready. Before I felt like I wasn't ready. But now – I've really made that decision – I felt like I was ready."

Why commit today?

"Just because I felt like the time is right. Also I didn't want it distracting me from my senior season here. I feel like we should win another state championship. I feel like [recriuting] would have distracted me."

What's going to be your response when other schools contact you?

"I'll still listen to them, but as of right now I'm a North Carolina Tar Heel."

Will you visit any other schools?

"Yes, of course I will. Just try to go for whatever comes at me."

This isn't a strong verbal commitment?

"Yes it is [a strong verbal commitment]. But I always have to keep other schools in it. If a big school comes in then it could be changed, maybe."

If you get a phone call from Rich Rodriguez from Michigan, what are you saying to him?

"I guess that I'm still a North Carolina Tar Heel. But it could possibly affect [my commitment]."

What about if Southern Cal contacted you?

"That's way too far for me man. It's a good school."

But you consider this a solid commitment?

"Yes, definitely."

Is it a relief to get this off your shoulders?

"Yes it is. Like I said before, I didn't want [recruiting] to distract me during my senior season. So it's really a lot of relief. College recruiting puts a lot of stress on you."

Now that you've decided on a school, what's your goal for next season?

"Like I said, just to keep working harder… I'm trying to work out harder and get bigger – I'm getting criticized about that a lot."

What affect did campus visits have on you?

"I really enjoyed the campus a lot when I was up there. I've been up there numerous times. But the time when I went for basketball and football to see both sports' facilities, I really felt like I was ready to commit. But Coach [Mickey] Wilson was talking to me and was telling me to wait a little bit more to see if I was sure about it."

Is UNC your dream school?

"Always. I grew up loving North Carolina and didn't know anything about North Carolina. This is my dream school."

When they first got involved, did you say to yourself ‘If they offer me, this is where I'm going?'

"Actually I can't remember when they first got involved. I've always felt like growing up that I wanted to be a North Carolina Tar Heel."

Was there a school that came in second place?

"I wouldn't really put one school in that position. But I'd say there were a lot of schools that were behind [UNC] – could be Georgia, Clemson maybe."

Did the school recruit itself or was there a particular recruiter that really sold you?

"The recruiting staff as a whole made me feel at home. That's really what put them over the top.

"I'd probably say Coach [Sam] Pittman. He's a funny guy and is fun to be around."

Are you considering graduating in December and enrolling early at UNC?

"I'm thinking about just finishing out my school year. Basketball is still here for me."

What do you plan on majoring in?

"I plan on majoring in business. I've always liked business. I've always wanted to be a producer. So I'd like to combine business and music."

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