Ellis on UNC's 2012 Radar

North Carolina's staff has evaluated a number of 2012 prospects since the high school season got under way. Not too long ago, a member of the Tar Heel staff stopped by Wichita (Kan.) Heights to see Perry Ellis.

"Coach Hasse has been the contact and he came to an open gym in September and he stays in touch with Perry's summer coach and his high school coach," Ellis' mother Fonda said. "They haven't come up to a game yet, but he did come to an open gym."

Prior to UNC's visit to Wichita, the 6-foot-8, 215-pound power forward made a pair of trips to Chapel Hill to see the North Carolina campus up close and in person.

"I think they contacted my mom and we went down there," Ellis said about how the first trip was set up. "It was good. I was in a tournament and got to visit it unofficially. It was cool."

Ellis checked out the campus while playing in the Tournament of Champions, but also took a separate trip that allowed him to see a game, tour the campus and get to meet with the coaching staff.

"[Coach Williams] told him that he doesn't offer sophomores, but he did visit them," Fonda Ellis said. "Last year he flew out there and he went to the North Carolina game against Miami."

While the Tar Heels haven't offered Ellis a scholarship, Kansas, Kansas State, Memphis, Oklahoma, Wichita State and Kentucky have. He also is getting interest from Oklahoma State.

"I'm not going to make an early decision," Ellis told Scout.com. "I just want to get to know these schools as well as I can as early as I can."

Ellis, who maintains a 4.0 GPA, got to experience a few high level camps this past summer, and he's carried those learning experiences to his high school season, where he's averaging double-double.

"I've been playing pretty good," said Ellis. "To me I've gotten better from last year. I'm averaging 25 right now and 11 boards. I'm shooting a lot better than last year and I've been working real hard on that."

According to his high school coach, Joe Auer, Ellis is a driven person that is trying to make the most of his high school career.

"He's had a lot of experiences for a young guy" Auer said. "He's very goal oriented and he's very long term goal oriented, which is unusual for a kid. He wants to win championships in high school and he wants to help his team do the best they can."

"He's just a guy that's consistently driven by goals," he added. "Most teenagers have a problem seeing past short term, but he's pretty good staying focused on what's coming up down the road."

Ellis and Heights are in the midst of a three game winning streak and are 12-2 on the season.

Scouting Report
By Joe Auer, Wichita Heights Head Coach

"Ellis was the state player of the year as a freshman. And he led us to an undefeated record in our league and we went 24-1 overall and lead us to the state championship. You can't ask for much more from a freshman. He had probably the greatest freshman season out of our state. The sky is the limit for this guy.

"Ellis is the fastest guy in our program. He has tremendous speed for a big man especially in transition and very fast when the ball is in his hands. He is very strong and got great hands. He's a tremendous rebounder and a tremendous on the ball defender. He has to get a little better on his post defense but he is actually very good on the perimeter defensively.

"Ellis is 16 so he has the normal progression that a young player has to make. He's going to improve with his perimeter jump shooting, he already has. He is going to continue to work on that on a regular basis. He is going to continue to get better with his interior defense. I think he will probably get a little more physical defensively."

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