Roy Williams Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program Monday night? Here are some excerpts from the live call-in show hosted by Woody Durham ...

On the troubles over the weekend:
"We wanted to come back Thursday night from Virginia Tech and go to class on Friday and go to Washington, D.C. on Saturday. And all of a sudden we get calls and calls and calls encouraging us and encouraging us and encouraging us, and that's being nice. The way I look at it is that somebody wanted us to get up to Washington, D.C. in time to enjoy the whole state of emergency and the whole national disaster. They didn't want us to miss any of that stuff. And at the same time, they didn't give a darn about us going to class on Friday. They wanted us to go up there and get there soon so that we could enjoy all of that stuff. But I'm the guy that's in charge of 35 players…

"We did go to class on Friday morning because I said, ‘By golly, that's what we're supposed to do. This is the University of North Carolina.' So we flew up there Friday afternoon and got there and Saturday morning, I've got to have a discussion with the assistant general manager about [how] they may not have any food to feed our team. I'm in charge of 35 kids. You can't get out of the parking lot, there's no grocery store or anything close.

"So I'm not very pleased right now about somebody that's going to pretend and be concerned about student-athletes' welfare or academics or anything like that. The good news is that I haven't had to talk to anybody officially. By 2015, I'll be calmed down so it will be a good time for them to talk to me about it then…

"You know what the good thing is? They had a wedding reception canceled, so we ate their freaking food. That's all they had. They didn't have anything else."

On practice:
"We had a mediocre practice today, so I'm going to have a great practice tomorrow. I really am, because I told them, ‘We're going to have a great practice or four people are going to throw up.' So we're going to be good tomorrow. That's the bottom line. That's how it's going to be."

When is someone on the team is going to stand up and get mean like Clint Eastwood in "The Outlaw Josey Wales"?
"Well let's put it this way – I'd take Josey on my team right now. There's no question about that. I've probably only seen that movie 33 times. We do have some issues at times with how competitive we are. And yet, let's make sure we understand – I said this a couple of weeks ago – sometimes you have kids who are really, really good kids and they care about what people say and what people think. Knuckleheads don't care about that.

"For the entire course of the year, you would rather be around really, really good kids and not be around the knuckleheads. And we've got wonderful kids. But we do have to push the envelope a little bit more with our intensity. We do have to push the envelope a little bit more with our effort. We do have to push the envelope a little bit more with how competitive we are, and that's a challenge for me to help them. For me to figure out a way to make that happen. It's the most frustrating thing that I've ever coached."

On the grading process for his players:
"Today, we got finished [grading] in about 2.5 hours, because time was of the essence. We had things that we had to get done. A lot of times when we're cutting out plays, or at least recording plays to be cut out, it takes a little longer. [On Sunday], defensively, it just wasn't a very good performance. We had one guy to qualify and that was it. To qualify to win the defensive player award, you've got to have a 2:1 ratio of good plays against bad. And we only had one guy to qualify and I think we only had three guys to be positive. We had more negatives than we've had in any game this year. But for the first time in his young, young, young career, John Henson was the defensive player of the game."

On the need to use more timeouts due to inexperience:
"That's a good point and it's been hard for me, because I don't really believe in that. I think that it helps your team in the long run to be able to handle adversity. And I believe that from the bottom of my heart. Yet, at Virginia Tech and [on Sunday] and there was another one, but in three of the last six or seven games, I've called a timeout and was dadgum mad at myself for having to call the timeout, but I thought it was the right thing to do at that time. I do believe it is something a little different with this team because they have shown me that they haven't handled it as well."

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