Tyler Hansbrough Q&A

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- Tyler Hansbrough talked to reporters following his jersey retirement ceremony at halftime of Wednesday's game.

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Are you able to reflect on your career at UNC now that it's been almost a year?

"It's still hard to sit back and think about it - all the great memories. But when I walk in the gym and see my No. 50 up there in the front row with those other guys, it sinks in."

What's it like to be watching the UNC program now from afar?

"It's different for me, especially being here tonight. It's my first game live since I've been gone - it feels like I should be out there - but you guys probably think I've been here 50 years. It's good to come back and watch though."

Is it hard to watch these guys struggle this year?

"I wish I was out there, but I know all these guys and I know they're trying. Hopefully they'll turn that corner."

Is it hard to keep yourself from running out there?

"I get excited but I try to calm myself down so I don't go out on the floor. It's different - as a fan you can start yelling and things and that's a good part about it."

Does this feel like the culmination of your career?

"I guess that's my signature - my stamp or whatever. But it still seems like it went by too quick. I leaned over to one of my friends and said 'It feels different being here and me not playing - it feels weird watching.' But I'll get used to it."

Do you miss college?

"I miss being around, seeing everybody. It's a joy to be in college - the best time of your life. I still miss it but I'm moving on."

What does the national championship mean to you one year removed?

"It's meant so much. I look back on it and it's one of those things where ... over Christmas I was eating with Bobby in Chicago and we were talking about 'We really did this' and it was sinking it. It's one of those things that brings a smile to your face no matter what kind of day you're having."

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