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HAVELOCK, N.C. --- Danny Webster starts both ways and plays on almost every special teams unit for Havelock, but a lot of high school players do that. What a lot of high school players don't do is play through all the injuries Webster sustained last season.

"He's tough as nails," Havelock head football coach Jim Bob Bryant said. "He's a kid that doesn't want to come off the field.

"He played all season with a broken right hand – just taped it up and played.

"He messed up his right shoulder early in the year and never went to a doctor. Finally I got him to go to a doctor, because it was hurting him so much. They said he couldn't hurt it any worse – what it was, was a grade one sprain but nothing was dislocated or torn. So they gave him a cortisone shot and he played the rest of the year.

"Then he cracked his left collarbone on his throwing shoulder the first playoff game. Never let anybody know except for the trainers. They just took care of him, padded him up and he played the next three games."

Havelock runs a spread, shotgun offense with Webster at quarterback.

"He's our best athlete, so I want the ball in his hands every play," Bryant said. "He improved a lot last year as a passer. He broke nine school records last year and accounted for over 50 touchdowns."

Webster threw for 2,722 yards and 25 touchdowns with just six interceptions on 174-of-302 passing (57.6-percent). On the ground he scored 22 times while rushing for 1,426 yards on 200 carries (7.1-yard average). He also caught a touchdown pass on a trick play.

Defensively, Webster starts at free safety in Havelock's 3-3 stack defense. Last season, he collected 68 tackles and six interceptions. He returned two of his picks for touchdowns.

"We keep him in the middle of the field," Bryant said. "He's kind of like our eraser. If somebody misses an assignment or misses a tackle, he's there to erase the mistake."

Webster also punts (36-yard average) and returns punts (one punt return touchdown) for Havelock.

Typically, coaches don't like for their starting quarterback to play defense – let alone rarely leave the field.

"I am worried every time he's on the field," Bryant said with a laugh. "But he's such a good overall player and he does not want to come off the field. He's such a good overall player so many good things can happen when he's just on the field."

In addition to creating a cult following through YouTube (see video below), Webster's highlight tape has produced scholarship offers from East Carolina, North Carolina, NC State, and South Carolina.

"He is a very special football player," Bryant said. "He can do things with the ball in his hand that no one I've ever coached can do. He can also do things on defense. For a kid who is 5-10, 165 pounds to come up and strike you the way he can is impressive. He's a tremendous player."

In addition to his offers, Alabama, Clemson, Duke, Georgia Tech, Illinois, Oregon, UCLA, and Wake Forest have shown significant interest.

"He's getting a lot of looks right now, but I think he would have more offers than he does but the word is out where he really wants to go to school," Bryant said. "I think that's deterring schools from making an offer."

That school is UNC.

"I grew up a Carolina fan," Webster said. "I've been wearing Carolina pajamas ever since I was a baby. I just fell in love with the school ever since I can remember."

Webster plans to make a verbal commitment before his senior year.

"I want to commit early so that I can get it out of the way and just get ready for my season without anything holding me back," Webster said.

That commitment, though, could come as early as March 27 when he attends UNC's Junior Day.

"I only have four offers and I've pretty much narrowed it down to those four schools," Webster said. "And Carolina would be the favorite.

"As long as everything goes well, then I would say [the odds of me committing to UNC] are pretty high."

This coming weekend Webster will unofficially visit South Carolina on Saturday and NC State on Sunday.

Webster attended the UNC-East Carolina football game last fall and has attended both football and basketball camps at UNC. Also, he has attended four football games at NC State and one at both Duke and South Carolina.

Outside of Georgia Tech, Webster is primarily being recruited as a defensive back.

"They like the fact that he sacrifices his body," Bryant said. "He doesn't worry about getting injured or getting hurt. He just wants to make that hit, he wants to make that play, he wants to make that tackle. He could have probably had 12 interceptions this year if he would have gone for the interception rather than gone for the big hit. He wants that big hit. He loves contact and I think that's what a lot of college coaches are looking at."

The Yellow Jackets are recruiting Webster as a quarterback to run their triple-option offense.

Many schools have informed Webster that he'll also get a look at slot receiver and as a quarterback in the Wildcat formation.

"If a coach ever asked me where I wanted to play, all I tell them is wherever I can get on the field," Webster said. "I don't care at all. I just want to get on the field and be playing football."

Bryant also believes Webster is capable of contributing on special teams on the collegiate level.

"With his hips, his overall athletic ability, and what he can do with the ball in his hands, I think he'll be a great returner in college, too," Bryant said.

Webster also excels at baseball and would like to play both sports in college. During the Junior Day, he hopes to talk with UNC coaches about the prospects of walking onto the baseball team if he were to sign with the football team.

For Havelock's baseball team, Webster bats lead off and had a .486 average last season with four home runs and 45 stolen bases.

Webster also plays point guard for Havelock's basketball team.

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