2011 Intro: Kyler Brown

CHARLOTTE, N.C. --- Playing alongside three Division I-A signees proved fruitful for Kyler Brown – especially since one of them was his older brother.

"There's a lot of interest in Kyler just because we've had so many coaches come through here," Charlotte Christian head football coach Jason Estep said. "Also, Kyler joined his brother last year on several unofficial visits. I think that was pretty strategic on the Browns' part to get Kyler in front of [coaches] and allow them to take a look at him."

Three players on Charlotte Christian's defense signed with BCS schools last February: Kelby Brown (Duke), David Durham (Ohio State), and Ty Linton (North Carolina).

The unrivaled exposure coupled with his athletic tools has led to Brown being recruited almost nationwide. Duke and East Carolina are the only schools to have offered thus far, but he's receiving interest from Colorado, Indiana, Illinois, UNC, NC State, Ohio State, Stanford, UCLA, Wake Forest, and Wisconsin.

"I think with his size and his frame and when you see his film," Estep said. "The things he does well from a technique standpoint – fundamentally he's really sound. For being that tall – sometimes you see guys that tall that wants to pop straight up all the time – he's able to stay low and uses his hands. He uses his hands on offensive linemen and gets separation.

"He's going to end up being a real big kid. He's 6-5, 210 [pounds] right now. There's no doubt that that frame is going to hold 250, 260 pounds. To have a kid with that size and as athletic as he is, is a good get for anybody."

Charlotte Christian's base defense is a 3-4 scheme. Brown lines up at defensive end positions.

"I think the good thing about Kyler is he's not just a rush guy," Estep said. "…He's strong enough to sit there and play the run, but he's athletic enough to rush the passer. He gives us great versatility."

On offense, Brown came into the season as a wide receiver. But because of personnel needs, he mostly played tight end.

"He was more of a blocker in our offense," Estep said. "He caught a couple touchdowns, caught some passes. But when he was able to get his shoulders square and get his hands on a defender, we were able to get to the edge."

For his senior season, Brown will remain at tight end. But he'll be more of a part of the passing game.

"We're going to feature him probably at tight end next year," Estep said. "… He has extremely sold hands, he's athletic enough to go and get the football, and he's a really good blocker."

Primarily, Brown is being recruited as a defensive end. However, a few schools, including Ohio State, have mentioned his potential as a tight end.

"I think he's athletic enough to play both sides [in college]," Estep said.

Through his travels with his brother, Brown was able to visit all of the in-state schools, as well as several schools in the Big Ten, including Wisconsin and Indiana.

During the season, Brown attended games at Duke, UNC, NC State, and Wake Forest. However, the UNC-Duke game held in Chapel Hill really caught his attention.

"It was really exciting," Brown said. "Everything they did there they had a bunch of traditions."

With a brother heading to Duke and a scholarship offer to join him, the assumption is that Duke is the frontrunner.

"I haven't been deeply thinking about it," Brown said. "I'm just leaving everything open so that I can see whatever comes to me."

Ideally, Brown would like to make a verbal commitment before the football season.

"I haven't really been thinking about it that much at all," Brown said.

Before making a decision, Brown, like his brother, plans to visit every scholarship offering school in either the spring or summer.

Brown also plays forward for Charlotte Christian's basketball team, which currently holds a 24-3 record.

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