Brent Remains Undecided

K.J. Brent had hoped to be ready to make a verbal commitment after visiting co-leaders North Carolina and South Carolina.

"I'm still pretty neutral," Brent said. "I'm going to talk to my parents soon about the pros and cons of each school and then we'll go from there. If I think that I should decide now, then I will. But if not, then I guess I'll wait. It all comes down to how that conversation goes."

Brent, 6-foot-3, 171-pound wide receiver from Waxhaw (N.C.) Marvin Ridge, expects to have the aforementioned conversation within the next couple of weeks.

Seven schools have extended Brent a scholarship offer – his co-leaders, plus Duke, East Carolina, Kentucky, and Wisconsin. Regardless, he says he's "basically" down to UNC and South Carolina, but admits a school like NC State, which he visited Sunday, could sneak in.

Ideally, Brent would like to have a verbal commitment made before the football season kicks off.

"I do want to get it over with before my season so then I know [what school I'm going to] and I can focus on the season," Brent said. "But anything can happen."

Along with his father, Brent attended UNC's Junior Day a couple of weekends back.

"It went well," Brent said. "I liked it a lot."

When they first arrived on campus, the Brents spoke with Butch Davis.

"He talked to us about a lot of stuff," Brent said. "Basically, we asked him about his receiver recruiting plans for next year – I think they [want to sign] two to three. He talked about who's coming back [and] how they look for next season."

During the visit, Brent also conversed with UNC assistant coaches John Blake, Everett Withers, and Charlie Williams.

In addition to the player's panel, Brent had a lot of questions answered through a conversation with senior Greg Little during the UNC-NC State basketball game.

"I just asked him how the transition from high school was to college football," Brent said. "He said a lot of people say it's so much faster, but once you start practicing with the team before the season there's really not that much of a difference. It made me feel better, because I've always heard it's so much faster, so much different."

Brent had visited UNC previously three other times – summer camp, and the Miami and Virginia football games. Up until the junior day, he had never received a full campus tour.

"I liked how the stadium is in the middle of the campus," Brent said. "The farthest walk from stadium to dorms is two miles – that's good. [The campus] is nice, too."

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