2011 Intro: Brian Riggins

TABOR CITY, N.C. --- Brian Riggins has been the epitome of a utility player for South Columbus High School the past two seasons.

"He's just an athlete that can play several different positions for us," South Columbus head football coach Jake Fonvielle said. "If we need him to go play wide receiver, he can play wide receiver. If we need him to play running back, he can play running back. He has played a little bit of quarterback. He is also a DB – a strong safety type."

Riggins, a 6-foot-1, 185-pounder, accounted for 15 total touchdowns last season. Ten of his touchdowns came on rushes, as did 1,000 yards. He also accumulated 500 yards and a couple of scores off receptions, and tossed three touchdowns passes.

The play called determines where Riggins lines up within South Columbus' wing-t offense on a given play.

"Depending on the situation and what's working and what's not working [determines Riggins' position]," Fonvielle said. "But he will line up all over throughout a game."

Defense is a similar story. On any given play, Riggins could line up anywhere in the back six in the 50 formation South Columbus employs. He ended his junior season with 56 tackles and two interceptions.

"If we have a third-and-long and we know they're about to pass it, that's when I'm back at safety or corner," Riggins said. "Other than that I'm at linebacker. I play all the linebacker positions, too."

Riggins' versatility matched with his size and speed has attracted interest from colleges throughout the region, including scholarship offers from Clemson, North Carolina, and Virginia Tech.

"They feel like they can bring him in and they'll find a place to fit him into their system," Fonvielle said.

Most schools project Riggins at either flanker or strong safety, according to Fonvielle.

Riggins lists his three scholarship offering schools as favorites.

"It's not just because they've offered me," Riggins said. "I like their football programs and how everybody around it is like a family."

Like his former teammate Ethan Farmer did last February, Riggins plans to wait until a Signing Day press conference to announce which school he'll sign with.

"[I want to wait until Signing Day] so I can see all [the options] I have," Riggins said.

Riggins refers to Farmer, who signed with UNC, as a "big brother." Riggins says signing Farmer won't give UNC an advantage, but that Farmer has made it clear that he wants to play with Riggins in college.

During the fall, Riggins attended two games at UNC – Miami and Citadel.

Sunday, Riggins attended NC State's Junior Day. He has also visited Clemson and Duke.

Within the next couple of months, Riggins hopes to return to UNC and Clemson, and make his first visit to Virginia Tech.

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