Monday Roy Williams Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- North Carolina head coach Roy Williams spoke with reporters Monday for his weekly ACC teleconference and provided injury updates for Tyler Zeller and the Wear twins.

Opening remarks:
"It's been a struggle for the last seven days since I talked to you guys last Monday. It's been a tough week for us, to say the least. Tuesday at Georgia Tech and Saturday at Boston College were two losses. We were almost awful at Georgia Tech, played a little bit better at Boston College and had some chances, but just didn't get it done. I told Al [Skinner] after the game that both of us needed a win, but only one of us was going to get it. Congratulations to him."

On getting to 2,000 wins – UNC is currently two shy of that mark:
"It would mean a great deal. Hopefully we're going to get there at some point in our lives, I guess. But I would love to get it done right here down the stretch. The easiest way to have that happen is to work as hard as we can in practice, try to be more effective and then try to take it from the practice floor out to the court on game night and then hopefully some good things will happen for us."

On Tyler Zeller's performance on Saturday:
"You could tell he hadn't played in six weeks. He was a little antsy. He was not as relaxed as he needed to be on the offensive end. His reactions were not quite what they would normally be, but we knew that going in. We didn't feel like we had many choices, because Travis [Wear] and Ed [Davis] were still out. We didn't know what David [Wear] was going to be able to do; it really hurt David to run. So we knew we were putting a guy out there that had basically only practiced a couple of days. That's all he had had. He had been doing some dummy offense and some conditioning stuff, but basically Thursday and Friday workouts was all he had with the team."

Did Zeller have any pain in his right foot after the game?
"None in the foot. He had a blister on the other foot."

Injury updates for Travis and David Wear:
"I'll give you a speculative report and I hate to do that, but I don't know that I will talk to you again until after we do something. Travis – I don't know if we will have him Wednesday night against Florida State, but I think there's a chance. It depends on how he reacts to dummy offense and doing some non-contact things today. If he does that and we can get him into contact things tomorrow, there's a chance that he could play. But knowing that last week, we got [Tyler Zeller] in for one day of contact things the day before we played, and I didn't play him at Georgia Tech, so it's still up in the air as to whether we'd do it with Travis.

"I don't think we'll have David at all for Wednesday night. In fact, they're going to do some tests tonight. ... I don't think we'll have David Wednesday unless things really change."

How did David get hurt?
"I don't know that there was one specific incident that did it. He's been having some clicking feeling, sound, in his hip, and it's been bothering him a little while. I have not asked him if it was one specific play or not. It's just been bothering him for the last week. On Friday, it bothered him during stretching. It was not with a basketball, it was not 5-on-5, it wasn't even 2-on-2. It starting bothering him and hurting a great deal during the stretching. We took him out and held him out the rest of the way."

Are practices operating at the level you would like?
"We had a couple of really, really simple things that we just didn't do Saturday in the game, for example. But we're doing two things – one, we're not executing like we want to consistently in practice and definitely not taking it from the practice court out to the court on game night. But that's the reason we keep practicing. We're trying to do more repetition. And we have challenged guys. Learning is two parts. It's having it taught to you and then it's absorbing it and doing it. So that part – being able to take it and learn it and do it out on the court under pressure when people are watching is a significant step that we haven't taken yet."

On expanding the NCAA Tournament to 96 teams:
"I'll give you the worst answer you can possibly get – I sort of sit on the fence. I hear a group of coaches talk about [how] we need more teams in the tournament. There are more good teams out there than there's ever been and there is more parity in college basketball than there's ever been, so I hear that. And coaches in some way want it because they say in football, over half of the top-level teams get into bowl games and it helps their security, helps the stability of their program by going to bowl games and they think that would translate the same way as if it were tournament play. And so I hear those guys talk and I say, ‘Yes, that's good.'

"And then I also hear other people talk and say, ‘Guys, the tournament is really something special now. There's only 65 teams and it makes the regular season so, so important.' And when I finish listening to those guys, I say, ‘Yes, I understand what you see, too.' I'm 51-49. I'm probably 51 percent in favor of keeping it like it is and 49 in favor of moving it on."

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