UNC-FSU: Postgame Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes audio and quotes from head coach Roy Williams and various Tar Heels, who spoke to the media following UNC's loss Wednesday to Florida State ...

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Opening Comments -

"When it rains, it really rains hard. Look at the stats, Chris (Singleton) was 10-for-50 in conference play from the three-point line and he made three. He's shooting 20 percent and (Deividas) Dulkys is shooting 31 percent - but they made them. And we helped them because they were so open.

"To me the key in the first half was we the fact that we turned it over so many times. Careless turnovers ... they scored 12 points off our turnovers in the first half and made 9-out-of-15 from the three-point line ...

"Just the inability to get shots and we didn't rebound it very well. We talked about how we needed to do a great job rebounding the basketball, and we didn't do that. It was a multitude of errors."

Considering FSU's height, how much would it have helped to have had at least one Wear twin tonight?

"It would have helped to have Ed, Travis, David - the whole bit - but those are excuses. ... Everyone wants to compare this to '06 and in '06 we played 31 games and our top nine guys missed three games. We made one change in our starting lineup at Florida State and that was the only change in the starting lineup we made all year. Quentin Thomas missed three games and none of the other top nine guys missed any. This year we're in the opposite direction and last year we went in the opposite direction and the year before that - one of these years we need to balance it out. We just need to play better, but there's no question I'd like to have those guys out there."

You've talked about attendance in the past - what did you think of tonight's turnout?

"It is what it is. I just appreciate those people that are there. It doesn't make you feel good - no question about that - when you walk out, but it is what it is. I just appreciate the people that are there and we've got to play better. "


Do you feel like things are getting worse instead of better for this team?

"I wouldn't call it getting worse - losing more than we should seems worse, but I don't feel it's getting worse. We're doing little things a little better, but it hasn't taken a drastic jump. But I can see little steps - infant steps."

What are some of those little steps you've seen recently?

"Just we're not fully intense, but we're i-n-t, if you want to put it that way. We're cutting down on turnovers a little, but they scored off of a lot of them. ... We're taking it step by step ... We just need to keep working hard. You can't look at the past. I'm always ready to come out for the next game - I'm not looking at the standings. I just want to play and show that I love wearing this uniform and I'm going to give it my all in this uniform."

Do you like that (silver) uniform?

"It's pretty neat because it's different. I have no complaints. As long as it has 'North Carolina' on it I'll take it."


Thoughts on the game tonight?

"I liked the effort in the second half. We put ourselves into too deep of a hole. Just silly turnovers - and they were making shots. I seem to say that every week ... it's just rough."

What are some things you can work on to try and make progress in these final games?

"Just working hard - go out there every day and keep focusing. The second half we played like we should, but we were so far behind that it's tough to get out of that hole."

How hard is it to come to practice every day right now?

"It's not hard, because you always want to get better as a basketball player and you love the game, so it's not a problem for me coming to practice every day. Just going to keep working and hopefully keep getting better."


Do you think you've seen this team get better at all these last few weeks?

"In small spaces here and there. I think we've continued to show tiny glimpses of the times when we seem to have it together but can't seem to drag it out long enough for us to do anything to get things going for us."

What's the focus of this team now heading into the last three games and the ACC Tournament?

"Got to keep fighting, continue to come in and try and push ourselves to get better. It's easy to be in this position and say 'To heck with it' and get down on yourself, but we've got to come back in and practice tomorrow and try to get better. We've got to continue to push and keep going. I mean, you've got to try."

How much tougher is it to do that right now?

"It's not as easy as when you're winning. You start to learn a lot about yourself and show a lot about yourself when you continue to come out and try to do the best you can every day."

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