McEvoy Visits UNC

Tanner McEvoy included North Carolina in his six-school tour last week.

"I had off last week and I really wanted to look at a bunch of schools so I could make my best decision," McEvoy said. "I thought that would be a great week to get a couple schools out early. So my mom and I planned the trip and it worked out nicely because some of the schools had junior days."

With his mother in tow, McEvoy's tour began with two days in North Carolina where he visited Duke, UNC, and NC State. The 6-foot-6, 200-pound athlete from Oradell (N.J.) Bergen Catholic continued with stops at West Virginia and Pittsburgh, and ended with Maryland.

"A lot of the information was helpful – like academic support," McEvoy said. "I liked comparing the schools. Like UNC and Duke have great campuses, so it's nice to compare them to the other schools. I was able to compare the football programs, the stadiums – those types of things."

Outside of that trip, McEvoy has visited Boston College and Rutgers, where his brother is enrolled.

All of the schools McEvoy has visited, with the exception of West Virginia, have offered him a scholarship. Miami is the only school that has offered that McEvoy hasn't visited – he said he hopes to change that in the near future.

The visits will assist McEvoy in establishing his five final schools. He says all five spots are wide open and that he's uncertain when he'll announce his five finalists.

Last week's visit to UNC marked McEvoy's first trip to the campus.

"Compared to other schools, they did a very good job," McEvoy said. "The academic people were great. The whole football program was great… And I really liked the campus."

Most of McEvoy's time on campus was spent with Allen Mogridge, who is recruiting McEvoy for UNC. The pair has already established a relationship.

"We've been talking," McEvoy said. "He's not that hard to get along with."

Mogridge constantly sends mail to McEvoy and the two have had a few phone conversations.

UNC's offense uses two tight ends – an H-back and a Y-tight end. UNC is recruiting McEvoy as an H-back.

At Bergen Catholic, McEvoy has been playing wide receiver, where he caught 35 passes for 550 yards and three touchdowns last season. However, he'll play quarterback his senior season.

Besides H-back, McEvoy is being recruited as a tight end, a wide receiver, and even a quarterback (by Duke).

"I don't really know what I want to play yet," McEvoy said. "Eventually [the position I'm being recruited for] will matter, but that's not until later."

When evaluating a school, McEvoy said he is looking at the football program, people around the program, and academics.

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