UNC-WFU: Postgame Quotes + Audio

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. --- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes audio and quotes from head coach Roy Williams and various Tar Heels, who spoke to the media following UNC's victory over Wake Forest on Saturday.

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Opening Statement:
"We're extremely lucky and feel very fortunate. I was really proud of my team. We made some mistakes early yet we hung in there. We got great lift from guys off our bench, everybody that got in the game scored for us…

"I thought Leslie [McDonald] was good for us, I thought Marcus [Ginyard]'s work on the backboards and on the defensive end of the floor looked like the Marcus of old. I thought that was extremely important for us. We were also fortunate that Wake [Forest] missed a lot of shots. We did try to get up on the shooters; that was one goal. The other goal was trying to make sure that we build to stop Ish [Smith] from getting inside the lane so easily. He still got in there, but those were the goals, and we were fortunate that they missed some and we just feel good and feel happy and hope the building doesn't burn down."

On the difference in how they handled Wake Forest:
I didn't notice that before the game they were any different than they had been. I think we did handle some things differently, some of their spurts in the first half. They would make a three, but then Marcus [Ginyard] would make a good cut for a layup. Leslie [McDonald] shoots one right in front of their bench and it sputters out, and he goes all the way down and plays good defense and makes a three the next position. So I think they handled things much better to say the least."

On the effect of the win:
"It should give us confidence but we've had a lot of games in the other direction that's beat us down quite a bit. It should give us confidence, no question, especially when it comes down to making shots when we had to."


Any truth to the Internet report about you transferring?
"No... Some of the stuff that the guy put in there is just so ridiculously false. It's just crazy – like my parents are involved in an unhealthy way? That's not true at all. They said my girlfriend is an influential figure. I don't have a girlfriend. Why would they put up that?"

Is that kind of stuff frustrating?
"Yeah, it's pretty frustrating. People nowadays will write anything. They will say anything just to get a story out there."


On McDonald and Henson:
"They're big-time players. Everybody has been anxious for these types of games from them and they're good players. I'm just excited that they had those games and they came today."

Have you guys been slowing down the offense lately?
"We're just trying to be a little better in executing. Not necessarily just running around out there, but just trying to be out there working together with a purpose. I think that's why it may look like we're going a little slower. We're just trying to make sure we're not passing guys up and that we're screening for each other. It helps us a lot out there."


What's more fun – a great block or a great dunk?
"A really great block, because you stop a team from scoring a basket and you can start a fastbreak. You take away a possession. I think a block does a lot more than a dunk in the game of basketball, so that's why I enjoy those more."

Do you try to make a statement with your blocks?
"Yeah. Sometimes when I see the ball coming, I might try to hit it a little harder. Then again, there's other blocks that I don't know if I'll get, but I just go for it and hope for the best."


On the value of the win:
"It most definitely boosts the team's confidence and it shows to the world that we're still here. We're still going to battle, no matter what. We're not giving up."

On having confidence in his shot:
"If you're hesitant, I feel like you're going to miss the shot. So for me, I just took the shot when I was open and it went in."

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