Friday PC Quotes + Audio

Inside Carolina's Friday press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Roy Williams, Marcus Ginyard, John Henson, Deon Thompson and Larry Drew, who spoke to the media as the Tar Heels travel to Durham to play arch-rival Duke on Saturday.

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Do you think your team has turned the corner or at least made some significant improvement over the last two games?
"I don't know about the turning the corner, but I do believe we've made some significant strides… I think we did some good things at Boston College. We didn't do very many good things against Florida State. They came out and just hit us right between the eyes and we never recovered from it. But the last month, I've felt that we've gotten a little bit better and a little bit better. We haven't seen that transfer to the games from what I've seen in practice. But I do believe we've gotten better, yes."

How is Deon's back?
"That's the biggest question mark. My list yesterday at practice – the list of out of practice – was longer than it's been all year. So it remains to be seen what happens today. Will Graves is walking around in a boot. He did not practice, hasn't practiced, and as far as I know hasn't shot a basketball since Tuesday night. He's continually sprained his ankle either every game or in every practice for the last two weeks. So he did nothing yesterday. On Wednesday we gave them the day off. Thursday he did nothing and he's listed as limited from the trainer's report today and we'll just have to see about him.

"And the same thing with Deon. He doesn't have his foot in a boot, but Wednesday he was off and yesterday they came out on the court for our opening discussion and I never saw them after that. His back is still bothering him. He's getting treatment a couple of times a day. Wednesday I think he was in the trainer's room twice getting treatment…

"Yesterday the category [on the trainer's report] was it says ‘out' was Ed Davis, David Wear, Will Graves and Deon Thompson. So it's not what we would like to see, but it's what it is. I hope I'll have some kind of a feel after practice today but I don't really think I will in Deon's case, because we'll have to see how he reacts to doing something for the first time since Tuesday. With Will, if he makes it through practice and doesn't turn it over again or tweak it again, then we'll have to see if it swells up after that…

"I'm feeling that they will [play], but it's hard to be as effective if you're as limited as they are with what they can do."

Ed Davis update:
"I think he's doing really well. They haven't taken the cast off [and] they haven't looked at it at all since then. They said six weeks and that was going to be March 14 and then he would probably need two or three weeks after that to do anything. So I just put it in my mind that he was out. I don't think there is even any plan to take the cast off and look at it until the six weeks are up."


What will you tell the freshmen about how to handle Cameron Indoor?
"Really you just continue to tell these guys the way that we've been able to find success these last couple of games. One major thing is just the fact that we've been competing a lot, harder and a lot tougher than we have been in the past. That's one thing that we know that it's going to take – an extreme team effort out there in their place and on their Senior Night."

Is it like badge of honor that you've never lost at Cameron?
"There's no question that's something that we're very proud of, but again, you've just got to get back to remembering why we were so successful there."


Do you think the Duke fans will get on you for being skinny?
"Yes, I'm pretty sure. They'll probably have a food sign in the stands or something like that. But I'm ready for it. I've seen a couple of those before, so it's nothing new."

Do you feel like this team can still make a run?
"Yes. It's going to be tough; it's not going to be easy. We'll have to have to ball roll our way sometimes and hopefully that happens. We've just got to keep playing and keep pushing until we can't fight any more."


How's your back feeling?
"It's a little painful, but it's definitely gotten better since the Miami game. I'm going to go work on it now to continue to get myself ready for tomorrow."

So do you think you will play against Duke?
"Yes, for sure."

What type of treatment have you been using for your back?
"Yesterday I got in the pool and that really helped me out a lot. Just doing different things with Jonas in the pool and then Chris has been ultra-sounding and stemming and heating it. We've just been doing that over and over. And Jonas has been doing some deep tissue work on my back to loosen it up, so Chris and Jonas definitely have it under control to get it better."


On what's spurred the past two wins:
"I think it's a combination of things. I can't really just say one thing, but I think it's a combination of guys buckling down and playing good team basketball on the offensive and defensive end and making things happen."

On his season-long criticism:
"It comes with the territory. Being the point guard, you want to be the leader of the team. I have no problem taking whatever criticism comes my way for what happens with the team because I do feel like it's mainly my responsibility for the way that we play. When we're losing, people are going to come out of the woodworks and bash you, and then when you're playing well, they go out of their way to tell you how well you're playing, so it comes with the territory."

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