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Inside Carolina's Monday press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Roy Williams, Marcus Ginyard and Deon Thompson, who spoke to the media as the Tar Heels prepare for the opening round of the ACC Tournament in Greensboro on Thursday.

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On the ACC Tournament:
"I'm approaching the tournament like it's our only chance left, and that does make you look at it a lot differently. Deep down inside, I'm still not going to go there, but this is my favorite experience in the ACC Tournament. It does. It gives us the chance to still play for a big, big prize. That's the way we're looking at it."

On David Wear:
"He's at the doctor right now. He's having surgery, unless they've changed, he'll have the surgery tomorrow. My last information was that it's like a three month deal… The doctor in Colorado really feels like he can help him and he's one of the best hip specialists around."

You talked after the Duke game about the players needing to change. What specifically have you talked to them about?
"I haven't talked to them since the game. I'm not saying they've got to grow to 6-11 from 6-1 or that they've got to start shooting left-handed instead of right-handed, but if I'm screaming at a guy to get back in defensive balance and I said that on Oct. 15, that's long enough. You need to change. You need to do it. If I'm saying, ‘Get to the board,' and you're a 3-4-5 – on Oct. 15 we said that 3-4-5 need to go the board every time – I don't need to yell that anymore. You need to change.

"It's like as a kid when you're starting to put your finger into a [light] socket and Mom or Dad says, ‘No,' and slaps your hand, at some point you've got to decide to stop putting your finger into the socket. Mommy and Daddy don't need to say no anymore. You need to decide to stop doing it yourself. That's exactly what I was talking about. If I'm over there yelling, ‘Get a hand up!' and I was saying that Oct. 15, then I'm the dumb one because I'm still yelling the same thing."

Can that behavior change in three days when it hasn't changed in four months?
"We have no idea, but that doesn't mean that you stop trying. It's frustrating, there's no question about that, but that's also laying the blame. And the blame's on all of us; it's not just the kids. But I am tired. I'm tired of saying the same thing over and over and over. If you get into this University, you're fairly intelligent, because I got a degree from here. At some point you've got to change. That's education. You have got to change your behavior."


On the team's morale following the Duke loss:
"It was a difficult evening for everybody. It wasn't easy to swallow and it wasn't easy to take, but we've just got to come out and get ready for the next game. It's not going to do us any good to continue to think about that."

What do you think Coach Williams means when he says this team needs to change?
"Just talking about the same things that we were talking about earlier in the season – taking care of the basketball, working together on offense, etc., etc. The same stuff over and over. That's really what he means. He's told us what we need to do and we understand that the way we're doing it isn't getting it done. There's been times when we've executed the game plan and seen that we've been successful, but we've just got to make the decision that we're going to do what we've been taught."


Are you hopeful that things can change for the better this weekend?
"Yes. We definitely still have a chance to go out there and play basketball, so we're definitely going to prepare this week just like you prepare any week to go out there and win games."

How's your back?
"It's better. I'll probably be limited again in practice to just continue to try to get it back to 100 percent."

Can this team handle four games in four days, physically?
"We're going to have to. We really have no choice, but to play as many games as it's going to take. If it's four games, it's four games. We don't have that many bodies, so Coach is going to play with what he has."

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