BB: Monday PC Quotes + Audio

Inside Carolina's Monday press conference coverage includes quotes and audio from head coach Roy Williams and senior Marcus Ginyard, who talked about the upcoming NIT opener ...

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Were you surprised to get into the NIT and were you surprised to be chosen to host the opener?

"We practiced last night, had the entire team in the locker room watching the TV and after the first three brackets came out, I turned to Steve Robinson and said 'I don't think we're going to get in.' And I originally thought we would get in, but I knew there teams left ... so at that point I had serious doubts. And then it shows up ... Coach [Holladay] came back and said 'We play Tuesday night at 9:30 at Carmichael' and I said 'That can't be right' ... so that was a surprise."

On William & Mary -

"... I'm halfway through their Maryland tape and when you look at their stats, they beat Maryland at Maryland - which we haven't done very often with some really good teams - and they beat Wake Forest at Wake Forest, so they have the ability to go on the road in some tough environments and beat some good basketball teams. They're unusual in the number of three point shots that they make. It's mindboggling ... I think 48 percent of their shots are threes ... Their top three scorers, it's an even higher percentage than that. One thing they do is play to their strengths - with smaller guys that maybe didn't fit the look test for some other schools. Defensively they play zone, a matchup not point. It's unusual, so trying to get ready for something like that in one practice is hard to do. Tony [Shaver] does a good job. They play nine guys double-figure minutes."

On whether he's watched any college basketball since UNC's ACC Tournament loss -

"I've been miserable. Every place I've been, everyone carries around a TV. I go to the bathroom and there's a TV in there. What I mean by that is every time I turn around I see some team celebrating a win for the last three or four days. ... I've been like a spoiled little brat, I've taken my ball and gone home. I haven't watched one play. It's the most unusual feeling I've ever had, it's a feeling I never want to experience again."

On injury updates regarding Ed Davis and David Wear -

"[Ed]'s been in a cast for six weeks and it happens to be his left hand, so I don't think there's any way [he'll play]. ... David's operation went really well. Everyone was really pleased. He has 16 more days that he has to be extremely careful. He's wearing some kind of thing around his hip and he's on crutches - he's trying to reduce the weight baring to 20 percent on his left side. When he makes it through these 16 days, I think things get to be a heck of a lot easier after that. ... Everybody feels great about the surgery and for sure he's not going to play for three months."


Can you describe your reaction to seeing your name came up during the NIT show?

"I think we were surprised and very relieved that we get a chance to continue to play. Very surprised, wasn't expecting it ... very excited for another opportunity to play. ... I didn't think we were going to get in ... I just want to be out there with another opportunity to play with my teammates and another opportunity to represent the school. I'm hoping we can finish this off better than we did the regular season."

What do you think about getting to play in Carmichael?

"I am really excited about that. I am really pumped about that. ... The history of Carmichael and the games that have taken place there - I'm really excited."

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