2011 Intro: Ryan Mangum

RALEIGH, N.C. --- Ryan Mangum is the on-field brain of Leesville Road's football squad.

"The key with him is: he not only physically can do the job, he's the mental guy on the field," Leesville Road assistant football coach Joe Kilby said. "He's the quarterback in the secondary. He just knows the game. He understands the game, understands our system and what we're trying to do."

Mangum's understanding extends to offense, defense, and special teams. Since his sophomore season, the 6-foot, 182-pounder has started at free safety, been in the running back rotation, and has had a role on every special teams unit, including returning punts and kickoffs.

Mangum is most valuable, though, on defense.

"I can't say enough about him," Kilby said. "He's a guy that you can put him at free safety and he can cover sideline-to-sideline [and] he's going to put himself in the mix of the play. The play-action isn't going to confuse him. He's going to make the proper reads.

"He's a guy that's going to come up and strike you – there's no question about it. He's the type of kid that, from that free safety position, can identify the run, run downhill, and certainly put a hat on a player."

Six games into last season, Mangum broke his collarbone. At that point, he was leading Leesville Road in tackles and had an interception.

"During a kick return, I got hit by two or three people and just landed directly on [my collarbone] with all their weight and it just snapped," Mangum said.

"Not having him out there was a big loss, just because he can get the other people lined up," Kilby said.

Mangum returned to the team for the playoffs. But in both playoff games, he only played sparingly. He'll be at 100 percent for his senior football season.

Although it didn't end the best possible way, Mangum's junior season ended on a positive note at North Carolina's "Beast of the Hill" Seven-on-Seven Passing Tournament. Leesville won the tournament and Mangum took home the "Best Effort" Award.

"They said I provided a lot of energy," Mangum said. "[They said] if we needed a play, I'd make it. I got a pick, I think, in the semifinal game when we were tied and it really raised our tempo."

It's no secret UNC is Mangum's clear-cut favorite school.

"I love the campus – it's one of the prettiest campuses out there," Mangum said. "It has a great education – that's one of the big things I like about the school. The atmosphere is great."

Additionally, Mangum's older brother, Pete, is a walk-on defensive back at UNC.

"I think [my brother being enrolled there] helps a lot," Mangum said. "They know my family already. We already have connections with the recruiters, especially. They know me – I been around a lot hanging out with my brother."

If UNC were to offer him a scholarship, Mangum says he'll likely immediately make a verbal commitment.

As a recruit and to support his brother, Mangum attended nearly all of UNC's home games last fall. He also attended a game at NC State.

Mangum attended UNC's Junior Day in February and plans to attend Maryland's upcoming Junior Day.

This summer, Mangum is considering camping at Duke, Georgia Tech, Maryland, and UNC. He camped at Maryland, UNC, and Virginia last year.

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