UNC-MSU: Postgame Quotes + Audio

STARKVILLE, Miss. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes audio from head coach Roy Williams and various Tar Heels, who spoke to the media following UNC's NIT second round win over Mississippi State.

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Opening Comments:
"Needless to say, we feel very fortunate. We were very lucky, and this has been the unluckiest year I've ever had in my entire life. I'm not saying that just one game evens everything out. It was bizarre. One time in the first half we deflected the ball it bounced one time between our guys legs to one of there guys in the corner and he made a three. There is no question, I don't think Will intended to make his shot, but it went in and we have had some of those shots (at College of Charleston and Georgia Tech) happen to us this year.

"Today was smiling on us. When they went to the free throw line I told Larry to push it. After we played Georgia Tech at our place he missed one at the end, and I told him he would get one of these later that would be a game winner. So I'm happy for both of these guys (Larry Drew and Will Graves), because I was about to kill them early in the game. I was not pleased with either of them early, but they were tough enough to make the plays and sick in there at the end."

On Mississippi State not fouling at the end of the game:
"When you think about it, you don't want to foul when the score is tied. You wan to try and play the best defense. They made us take a very difficult shot. You don't want to foul in that scenario because it was in the one-and-one."

On first half play:
"I was so mad in the first half at some of our guys and they way they were playing. John didn't go over the screen, that's the only thing we talked about for the past two days. Larry throwing it away. Will didn't run back. Will didn't pick up. Will didn't get up over the screen. He had three bad things, and I took them out. And they told me to substitute, but I told them I didn't have anybody I wanted to put back in the game. I was hot, and they deserve it. Leslie, Dexter and Travis, those three guys, and Justin, got us back in the game. It was like a 12 or 13 point game, and they got us back into the game. I made those other guys mad enough at me, so they decided to play when they got back in there."

On upcoming game:
"I'm going to pull for anybody to show up, because I just want to play another game. You always want your league to do well, so there is no question, that I know Sidney [Lowe] better than I know anybody at UAB, so I'll be pulling for them."

On his game-winning shot:
"I just told myself it was a do or die situation and I feel like I can get to the bank any time I want to. I just got to the there and I saw Jarvis (Varnado) to my right side. I just wanted to get up there and give it a chance to go in. Luckily it did."

On the win:
"It feels really good to go out there and have a game like the one we played today, and win in the fashion that we did. It seems like other teams have been doing this to us this whole year... It's one game, all it is is one game, but now we can look forward to another one."

On his banked 3-pointer: "We were running a play trying to get it inside, and if that wasn't open I had a double screen to come to the top. I was just shooting it like I was in practice on any other day. When it came off my hands I felt confi dent but God did the rest."

On game plan to control Mississippi State three-pointers:
"We came out to a slow start and we were not as intense. They hit us right in the mouth and it was just more of us having to focus and doing what we prepared to do. We had to get up to the three-point shooters, we had a game against William and Mary where we had to do the same thing, so it's kind of just refocusing and putting the effort there and everything else took care of itself."


On the win:
"It was an exciting game all the way around, going back and forth... There's nothing wrong with being lucky. We've felt like we've been pretty unlucky at times, but we just made plays at the end of the game, which we haven't always been doing before. It's good that we finally got that behind us."

Will you pull for N.C. State to win later today?
"I wouldn't mind playing at home. I won't say I'm pulling for N.C. State, but I wouldn't mind having another game at home."


On Drew:
"He's been taking a lot of criticism, with rumors about him transferring and stuff like that. I think he's doing a good job at handling that situation. He had some big assists in this game, played great defense and hit a big shot."


On Drew's game winner:
"It was definitely impressive that Larry was able to finish up the basket the way that he did, against one of the best shot blockers to ever play the game of basketball in there. So it was a big-time shot for us, and it was fun to see it go in."

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