Pro Day: Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- Cam Thomas, E.J. Wilson and Aleric Mullins were among the participants at Tuesday's UNC Pro Day, auditioning for the host of NFL scouts in attendance. Check out interviews with the three Tar Heel seniors ...

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"God gave me this talent, I am just working with it.

"It is a blessing (being on the verge of becoming a pro athlete). Ever since you were little you dreamed about this, I'm actually here now, so it is a blessing.

"My agent says there's a good amount of teams telling him stuff, but he really won't tell me because he doesn't want me to get caught up in this stuff."


"Since the bowl game I went down to Atlanta, I was training at WPI (Wellness Perfomance Institute), had the Texas versus the Nation game on February 6th. I've been trying to do all that and stay in shape, toning my skills. I actually learned a lot down there, training with Chuck Wiley, so I've just been trying to stay in shape.

"As far as what I've put on film, that represents what I want to be, a tough physical player that is going to be reliable every down, every game."


"I really don't want to hear about (where I might get drafted). I put all my focus on just coming out here and have a good day and putting up good numbers.

"I think I did pretty good (today).

"I had a bunch of chances (to talk to NFL scouts at the combine), do some interviews, I talked to a lot of guys. It is good to network and meet a bunch of guys like that."

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