UNC-UAB: Postgame Quotes + Audio

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes audio from head coach Roy Williams and various Tar Heels, as well as UAB head coach Mike Davis, who spoke to the media following UNC's NIT quarterfinal win over the Blazers.

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Opening comments:
"We're very happy to still be playing another day. That was our goal – to try to play well, and if we played well, we thought somebody might invite us to play again. That's what has happened. The first half we killed ourselves with 11 turnovers; the second half we only had four. They were pressuring more in the second half, but if you average four turnovers a half, that's eight for a game – I'm good at math. That's the kind of play that you have to have. We shoot 50 percent in the second half and they shoot 30, but I think one big thing for us is for two or three possessions in row we did a great job executing. We got the ball to Deon on the block. We got it to John on the block. On a called play, Larry broke down the middle, saw the opening and took it to the basket. Larry made free throws, Dexter made free throws, Marcus made free throws and Deon made one of two. That kind of play at the end of the game…

"And I'll tell you guys – our team played awfully hard. I've been so proud of them the last couple of games. It's something that we've got to build habits on, but the habits are for the next game and that's because it's Deon's next game. That's the way we're going to play. We're not talking and thinking about next year; we're talking and thinking about right now. But we're very pleased… We're pleased that we're still playing."

On injuries:
"Deon's ankle was hurting. Will – I sat him out for a long time; did not know if I was going to go back with Will because his ankle has just been so bad all year long. He came in this morning and he was wearing a boot and he took it off to play. It's something that we need to get him a little bit of rest and hopefully we can get him a couple of days now."


On going back to Madison Square Garden:
"There's definitely some unfinished business there. Every time I think back to my freshman year when we played Gonzaga there and the last time we were up there we just didn't come out with the right outcome. So to have another chance to go back there and maybe come out with a NIT championship would be a good way to go out."


On his confidence:
"My confidence is right where it should be going into the last couple games of the season. I'm just trying to go out there and showcase it by making the right plays, the smart plays."


On the NIT run:
"It just gets back to another opportunity for this team to continue to play, and to build on this little run that we've got going – and end this season with a better taste in our mouth. Knowing that we didn't play up to our capabilities in the regular-season and ACC tournament, it's just another opportunity to get out here and to really show ourselves that we're a better basketball that we've been showing."


On finishing the season strong:
"This means a lot, to be able to finish out the season this way. I know it's not the tournament we'd like to be in, but at the same time, we've gotten back on roll, we've finally figured things out, and we're playing well."

On the shot to the head he took during the first half:
"I got scared. That's about all it was. It kind of felt like something that had happened before and I just got scared for a second."

How did you feel on the court? Was your head hurting any?
"No, it was just timing issues on offense. Other than that, I felt good."



On North Carolina:
"I think they're playing really good basketball right now. You don't go to Mississippi State and win at Mississippi State. I think maybe only two teams won at Mississippi State this year. I may be mistaken, but I think only Tennessee and Kentucky won over there. So this team is peaking at the right time and playing well at the right time. Don't be surprised if that's an Elite Eight or Final Four team next year. They're adding a couple of pieces and when you're young like they are – and they are, that's a young basketball team – but when you're playing against a talented basketball team, they can make plays and they made plays against us when they needed to."

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