2012-2013 Roster and Depth Chart

Looking ahead at the Tar Heel lineup by breaking down the roster and depth chart ...

2012-2013 Roster 
Dexter Strickland    Sr. 
Reggie Bullock       Jr.
Leslie McDonald      Jr.
Luke Davis*          So.
P.J. Hairston        So.
Desmond Hubert       So.
James McAdoo         So.
Jackson Simmons*     So.
Joel James           Fr.
Brice Johnson        Fr.
Marcus Paige         Fr.
J.P. Tokoto          Fr.
  • The maximum number of scholarships allowed is 13.
  • Walk-ons noted with *

2012-2013 Depth Chart

Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman
PG     Luke Davis* Marcus Paige
PG/WG Dexter Strickland      
WG   Leslie McDonald    
WG/WF   Reggie Bullock P.J. Hairston  
WF       J.P. Tokoto
PF     James McAdoo
Jackson Simmons*
Brice Johnson
C     Desmond Hubert Joel James

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