UNC Among Frost's Favorites

North Carolina earned itself a spot in Kris Frost's favorites list following his attendance at the Tar Heels' Junior Day on Saturday.

"They definitely added themselves into my top favorite schools," Frost said. "They really showed me whole lot of what they can offer me and how much I can contribute to their program and how on the rise they are to greatness."

UNC joins Auburn, Florida State, Miami, and Michigan on Frost's favorites list. The 6-foot-3, 204-pound athlete from Matthews (N.C.) Butler doesn't plan to announce his collegiate decision until Signing Day.

"I'm trying to keep all my options open," Frost said. "Michigan is at my top. But with that last Carolina visit, until I actually go up to Michigan, North Carolina is up there with them. Really, though, those top five schools are pretty even."

Frost plans to visit Michigan for its spring game. He's also scheduled to visit Auburn this coming weekend and is planning summer campus tours in California and Florida. Three weeks ago, he visited Virginia Tech.

Frost attended UNC's Junior Day with his parents.

"It was great," Frost said. "We liked it a whole lot. They showed us around the whole entire school and I talked to Coach Butch Davis and the whole staff. And we got to look at the new things that they're getting and how they're adding onto the stadium and the school."

Frost and company arrived at UNC's Junior Day a tad late, thus missing a chunk of the spring practice.

"From what we did see it was real good," Frost said. "We went in and watched their film when they watched film on themselves practicing… It was a lot of fun to experience that and see how colleges practice."

Frost previously visited UNC last fall for a football game. This visit, though, provided him an opportunity to tour the campus and football facilities.

"We liked how everything was kind of together and everything was compact," Frost said. "We looked at the stadium, of course, and inside the stadium and the [football] building. On the walls you could see all the players that went to the NFL. I went to Coach Davis' office and we also saw the weight room and the tunnel that they come out of."

Throughout his stay, Frost spoke to every member of UNC's coaching staff.

"We talked to each and every one of them and saw what they thought of me," Frost said. "And they asked me what I thought about their program and how much more I'd like to know and any questions that I may have."

Frost closed out his visit by meeting with Davis in his office.

"I talked to him a whole lot about the university and what they could offer," Frost said.

Originally, UNC was recruiting Frost as a linebacker, the position he started at last year for Butler.

"I talked to Coach [Davis] and he said I could be recruited for a linebacker or safety – whichever I wanted to go to the school and try out for," Frost said. "So I could pretty much go there and try out for the position and see how I do there."

Frost informed Davis that he wants to play wide receiver, the position he has played for much of his high school career.

"They responded well to it," Frost said. "They said they were pretty open to whatever I wanted to do."

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