McDonald's Practice Insider: Day 2

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The three future Tar Heels returned to the practice court Monday for as McDonald's All-American game week continued.

*The East team did a significant amount of scrimmaging on Monday, while the West team focused mainly on putting in offensive plays and running drills – so we got to see much more of Kendall Marshall and Reggie Bullock today than Harrison Barnes.

* During the East's team scrimmage, Bullock emerged. On Sunday he struggled to get his jump shot going, but today was a different story. The 6-foot-7 wing knocked down a handful of three-pointers, but also showed a one-dribble pull-up from 18-feet.

Bullock played with much more confidence today. When he gets his first few jumpers to go down it really opens up his game more. He's more willing to go off the dribble if he gets a few spot-up jumpers to fall.

* Marshall certainly had his moments in the scrimmage. On a team full of shoot-first guards, Marshall brought his unselfish style of play to the table. Perhaps his best pass of the day was an outlet pass he threw to a streaking C.J. Leslie for a dunk.

During his squad's scrimmage, Marshall hit one of the two jump shots that he took. His miss was from 18-feet, while he buried a pull-up three-point jumper. Marshall also had a few buckets at the rim. One was a left-handed finish over Bullock, the other was off a strong cut to the rim in a half court set.

On the defensive end, Marshall had struggled to keep Kyrie Irving in front of him on Sunday, but did a better job with his on-the-ball defense today and even had a nice block while defending a Joe Jackson drive.

* During the West's practice Barnes seemed to be relying a lot on his jump shot. It's something that we picked up yesterday, but the No. 1 player in the 2010 class seems to be hunting jump shots from both mid and long range, rather than attacking the rim.

Coach Speak

East coach Dru Joyce on Marshall's game…
"He's a very respectful young man. He understands how to lead. You can tell he's a point guard by nature. He takes control of the game, makes great passes and understands how to play. He's exactly what you want in a point guard. He shoots it okay, but I'm sure that will get better with time. "

Joyce on Marshall's game-day impact…
"Right now the key to all of this is, can you get a point guard to take control and get you a good shot? Lets be honest, we have three practices, so we aren't going to put in a whole lot. So do you have a point guard that can understand that right now we need to get a shot and who is the guy that needs to take the shot? I think he's that kind of guy. "

Joyce on Bullock's game…
"Reggie is a long wing. He shoots it very well and he's very athletic. He's unselfish and slashes to the basket well. Defensively I think all of them could be a little better."

Joyce on how Bullock compares with the other wings here…
"He's definitely right there as far as the wings on our team. He's got the same kind of athleticism and he shoots it, probably as well if not better than any of the wings we have. He's a great player. "

West coach Eric Flannery on Harrison Barnes' game…
"Obviously he's here so he's a great talent and he's a great kid. What I like about him is he's multi-dimensional. He can play a couple of different spots. I picked that up early here. He can play on the perimeter, but he's not afraid to get in there and bang on the inside. I think Carolina is getting a versatile player. He's a kid that can play the three or four and get inside. He's a scorer. "

Flannery on how Barnes stacks up against others here…
"There's a ton of talent. I think he's right with everybody. I don't see him being head and shoulders above everybody, but I think he's as good as all the guys here. He definitely deserves to be here."

Kendall Marshall Sounds Off…

How do you think the practices have gone so far?

"Everybody is trying to figure out how to play together. Everybody is used to being the superstar where they come from. So I think by Day 3 once we all learn how to mesh together and gel we will be fine."

What do you think about the amount of point guards here?

"This game in general has a lot of point guards. I think our class has seven or eight great point guards, so I anticipated our team having some great guards. But like I said, we will learn how to play together and two guards on the same court won't be a problem."

How has the experience been so far?

"I've been really enjoying it. The highlights have been going to the Ronald McDonald House where I talked to the kids and saw another side of kids that aren't as well off as me. So it was a very humbling experience."

How has it been getting to hang with your future teammates?
"It's great. I'm getting to look forward to things to come. We are going to be around each other the next couple of years and it's just starting."

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