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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Roy Williams discussed his team's offseason plans, Will Graves and the quality of the ACC in '10-'11 during his final call-in radio show of the season on Monday night.

Have you ever had a worse shooting team than this year?
"That's putting it pretty bluntly there, but I'd have to say the best answer is no. I haven't. We didn't shoot a very good percentage from the floor, didn't shoot a very good percentage from the free throw line or from the 3-point line. I have not checked to see what our shooting percentages have been for the other 22 years, but I cannot remember a year that we struggled as much just putting the ball in the basket... That is going to be a huge emphasis for us during the offseason."

On Will Graves:
"We returned Friday morning about 2 a.m., but it was a holiday, so the guys didn't have be around. I think Will even went home. I just returned [Monday afternoon] myself. We're starting our player meetings this week… Will's got to get into shape. He's got a back that is not good. He's got an ankle that hasn't been good. But none of it is going to be any good until he gets into shape. That's going to be his No. 1 challenge. He has got to put in the time and the effort and the discipline. This year he played at 245-247. Last year, in the first semester, he was playing at 232-234, so he's got to get into shape. And I'm not telling the audience anything different than what I've told him. I've said it a lot more explicitly to him. But if he gets in shape and does the things that we think that he will do and can do, he's going to set a nice example for us next year as a leader."

On the ACC in 2010-11:
"That's hard to answer right now. We already know at Wake Forest, for example, they lost a lot of seniors and then [Al-Farouq] Aminu has already announced that he's declared for the draft. At Georgia Tech, they have two seniors that were important to them and Gani [Lawal] has already announced that he's going in the draft and we don't know what Derrick Favors is going to do. In our own situation, we don't know what Ed Davis is going to do here.

"Duke is losing some guys, but they've been playing eight and nine guys all year long and they're a very effective eight and nine guys. [Jon] Scheyer and Brian [Zoubek] and Lance Thomas are the only three that they're going to be losing, so I think Duke will still be a fantastic team next year with Kyrie Irving coming in to take over where Scheyer played this year. They have three other kids that I have seen play that I think are very gifted. They also have a JUCO forward coming in that I have not seen play, but even though they'll be losing Thomas, Jon and Zoubek, I think they'll still be a fantastic basketball team. Maryland's losing some seniors. They are still a lot of kids that are being recruited around the country that don't have to make their decision for a little while longer that could help some ACC teams as well…

"The league is really going to be strong. We would all like our teams to play better in the NCAA Tournament, but when it gets down to the end, there's usually an ACC team that has a chance to win the whole thing… I think Florida State has a chance to be a fantastic basketball team next year. I think they have one senior on their club."

On how the season turned out:
"We were more realistic than the media. We were more realistic than the normal North Carolina fan. And when I say ‘we', I mean our staff. We knew that there could be some problems out there. We knew that things had to fall a certain way. You heard me say Day 1 that I was concerned about experience in the backcourt and concerned about our ability to shoot the basketball. Those things really hurt us. I said also that I'm hopeful that our big people and our depth up front may cover up some of those things. So we played one conference game and then we lost Tyler Zeller. Then we played seven more conference games and then we lost Ed Davis. And then we lost some other guys in there, too… To have nine guys miss a total of 48 games is just mind-boggling."

On the importance of building confidence:
"I think confidence is huge. I think that's the one benefit of the NIT. I think they did gain some more confidence as we went down the stretch. We had a lot of people not wanting to go play and not thinking that it would be the smartest thing for us to do and that it would just open us up for more disappointment, but my vote counted more than those people's did. I was hoping that would happen. I just as much wanted Marcus and Deon to end with a better feeling. But there's no question in my mind that you have to be confident, but you have to be willing to change your shot sometimes. I think the kids that we have coming in, the new players, are very confident. I think they're good shooters. I think the kids that we have right now will be better shooters."

On the players' plans over the summer:
"Every one of our players will be here at least one session of summer school. Some of the guys will stay both sessions. We start our individual player meetings this week and before they go home, before exams, I'll meet with them again. We will collectively get information from the staff about what three things everybody on the staff wants them to do. And then I'll sit down with the individual and say, ‘Okay, what three things do you want to do better?' Then we come out with a ‘big three' and then we also give them another listing of what each assistant coach said. Those are the things that the players are supposed to work on over the course of the summer.

"We cannot work with our players during the summertime. So we do try to give them pretty specific duties of what we want them to do. There's no question some of it is going to be shooting. There's no question that some of it is going to be in pickup games – don't just throw the ball away and say, ‘That's okay, it's just a pickup game.' We've got to stop turning the dadgum basketball over. So there will be some of those things. Will Graves is going to have to lose some weight. John Henson is going to have to gain some weight…

"We'll have every player be here at least one session. Our incoming freshmen will be in second session and some of our other returning veterans will also stay and go both sessions as well."

What's next for Deon Thompson and Marcus Ginyard?
"Beginning [on Tuesday], they have the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament, which is an NBA-sponsored deal, in Portsmouth, Virginia. Deon and Marcus will both be leaving [on Tuesday]. They have a light practice on Wednesday afternoon and then they'll play games Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Depending on how they do and how their teams do, then they could also play games on Saturday. It's a pretty exhaustive, pretty extensive kind of thing. I'll be going up to watch the kids play at least once during the course of this week. It'll be something that is big-time for them."

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