Turner Focused on Three

Landon Turner has narrowed down his favorite list to three schools.

The frontrunning trio are North Carolina, Virginia Tech, and West Virginia.

"Those are the three schools that I feel are showing the most interest and I'm most interested in as of right now," Turner said. "I know I want to go to those three schools for an official [visit]."

Turner, a 6-foot-5, 304-pound offensive lineman from Harrisonburg (Va.), says he may take all five of his allotted official visits.

"I know I definitely want to go to [my top three schools]," Turner said. "We'll see what happens [with the last two official visits]."

Michigan State and Virginia are under consideration for Turner's two open official visit slots.

Although he confirmed that no trips have been scheduled thus far, Turner plans to take all of his official visits during the season.

"I want to get them out of the way," Turner said. "I want to be able to make an informed decision as soon as possible."

Shortly after taking his official visits, Turner plans to make a verbal commitment.

"I want to make [a verbal commitment] as soon as possible so I can focus on the football season," Turner said.

Each school he will officially visit has likely already received an unofficial visit at some point.

"I've seen all the academic stuff and I know what each of the schools offer me academically," Turner said. "I'll be looking at how the campus is, the [player's] life, and the game atmosphere."

Since last football season, Turner has unofficially visited Georgia, Maryland, Michigan State, UNC, Ohio State, Virginia, Virginia Tech, and West Virginia.

During the summer, Turner will continue to visit schools. He's considering camping at Michigan State, UNC, Virginia Tech, and West Virginia. Despite having scholarship offers from all of the schools mentioned, he plans to work out at each camp.

"I just like playing," Turner said. "I feel like if I just came to the camp and was just hanging out, I don't think I'd like that at all – I'd want to get involved anyway."

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