Signee Update: Quinton Alton

Quinton Alton, a 6-foot-6, 270-pounder, plans to compete for time on passing downs at defensive end and/or three-technique (rush tackle) as a Tar Heel freshman this fall.

Eventually, though, the UNC staff would like to groom Alton, a Memphis (Tenn.) Hillcrest native, into a permanent three-technique.

"My preference is defensive end," Alton said. "But I'm willing to play wherever."

Alton has put on 30 pounds since last summer and is working to add more weight.

"[The UNC coaches] said ‘get big and get stronger,'" Alton said.

Assisting Alton in his mission is the workout regimen Jeff Connors, UNC's strength and conditioning coach, assigned him.

"It's hard, but I know it's going to pay off in the end," Alton said.

Most of Alton's communication with UNC is through Art Kaufman, his primary recruiter, and John Blake, UNC's defensive line coach.

"They call and check up on me a lot," Alton said. "They make sure I'm alright. They make sure my books are right."

Alton is still working through the NCAA Clearinghouse and is not yet qualified. He's scheduled to take the SAT again on May 1.

If everything goes as hoped, Alton will arrive at UNC on June 13.

Alton hasn't discussed jersey numbers or roommates with UNC. Neither is all that important to him.

"Really, it doesn't matter," Alton said. "[Jersey] number doesn't mean anything.

"We're all a big family anyway, so it really doesn't matter who I room with."

Shortly after his senior football season ended in late October, Alton picked up his first love – basketball. Although Hillcrest's basketball team fell short of its goals, Alton was named all-conference and averaged 14 points and ten rebounds a game.

Alton attempted to participate in the shot put for Hillcrest's spring track-and-field team with much less success.

"Nobody else at my school wanted to do it, so I had to go solo," Alton explained. "I wasn't doing so well, so I decided to just lift weights."

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