UNC-GT: Hewitt Press Conference

Opening Comments

I guess the demise of their [UNC's] team has been greatly exaggerated. From everything I read, I thought we would just come in here and they would roll over for us. Give Matt [Doherty] a lot of credit for getting his team ready to play. They showed a lot of fight, a lot of battle. They were down, what, ten in the second half, they fought back and played like they still have a lot of life in them, which is what I expected knowing Matt and the job that he has been doing.

What were you thinking when you had Marvin [Lewis], the best shooter, at the free throw line?

I felt good about it obviously. He is a guy we depend on and he just missed the shot. We had a chance to get the the stop and I thought Jarret [Jack] did a good job, obviously he didn't and Ray [Felton] got to the foul line.

On the problems on the road for Tech

I told to the guys after the game, I said look, I don't know why this going on but there has got to be an answer to it and somewhere down the line we are going to benefit from everything that has happened here. Obviously we are not going to get a break, we are going to have to make our own breaks, and we didn't do that today. We did not create some of the things that we had been. Free throws, open threes. You have to want to go to the mat and put people away. Down the stretch, we had that breakdown defensively when Felton got to the basket and nobody helped. But again, I would much rather focus on the job they did preparing for the game. I thought we had them down and we thought we could break their spirit but we didn't. They fought back.

Carolina went to the half court trap when you were seemingly in control of the game and that changed things...

I think the half court trap disrupted our rhythm offensively. We were in a good flow and we were moving the ball. We started out throwing the ball all over the gym and then we settled down and started getting some good ball reversal. We've really been talking about screening for each other and getting each other open and I thought we did a good job with that. So it disrupted our flow. But, even after, maybe the three minute mark, we settled in and got a layup for Ed [Nelson], got a layup for Chris [Bosh] and we settled back in, but you know, we just didn't finish the game out properly. We didn't play defense on that last drive by Ray Felton when he got the layup and foul. The next two times, they got one and ones. These kids though, I wouldn't mind going back out there and putting them back up out there again. They are great kids, they work very hard, and I know one day they are going to make those shots and win big games.

Coach, Chris Bosh really started out well...did you change anything?

I thought they did a good job of really fronting him and he picked up a couple fouls. I think we had to be careful with him. He's one of our better players obviously. I thought Robert Brooks came in and gave us a nice lift so we didn't think there was a need to rush Chris back into the ball game. Robert held the fort and then Chris came out and played a great second half.

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