Signee Update: Ty Linton

The Major League Baseball First-Year Player Draft could force North Carolina signee Ty Linton to make a very difficult decision – UNC or MLB.

"If it's something I can't really turn away from then we'll see," Linton said. "But I'm really set on getting up to school early and get some summer classes in and getting those summer workouts going."

Baseball America ranks Linton No. 35 in its high school Top 100, while Perfect Game ranks him as the No. 82 overall 2010 draft prospect (including both high school and college prospects). MLB scouts are telling the Charlotte (N.C.) Christian product that he'll be taken within the top five rounds of the draft, which takes place June 7-9.

"But it's talk right now," Linton said. "You never know until it happens. Different guys tell you different things."

The round Linton is drafted in doesn't necessarily matter. He will be focused on the situation – the organization and what financial package is put together.

"There have been some circumstances where guys go in a later round but get more money," Linton said.

If Linton, who is fully qualified, decides to stick with UNC, he will arrive on campus on June 15.

For obvious reasons, UNC's coaching staff has taken an interest in Linton's MLB prospects. Linton most recently had a conversation on the topic with Everett Withers, his primary recruiter, this week.

"They understand what kind of situation I'm in," Linton said. "I straight up told them ‘I'm coming to school unless I get offered money I can't walk away from.' And they understand that."

The recent conversation with Withers also included how UNC plans on using Linton.

"Of course they recruited me as a linebacker," Linton said. "But with all their safeties all being seniors, they're starting to think about free safety, a little bit – it's an open idea."

Those seniors will be on the field this fall. Regardless, UNC hasn't discussed red-shirting with Linton.

"From the conversations I've had with Coach [Butch] Davis, he was saying I can come in and be an impact guy on special teams," Linton said. "… He said I'm a versatile guy that can come in and make an impact on any of the special teams [units]."

Linton hasn't discussed jersey numbers with anyone at UNC.

"I'm just happy to have one," Linton said. "Whatever they throw my way I'll wear and I'll be proud to wear it. 20 and 17 have always been my numbers and those are taken. It really doesn't matter to me at all."

Linton's main focus right now is his baseball season. Christian is 20-6, while Linton is batting .530 with nine home runs, 35 RBI, and 12 doubles.

Linton's baseball season has forced him to drop weight (from 215 pounds during the football season to 205) and has made it nearly impossible to adhere to the workout regimen UNC assigned him.

"It's been difficult [to follow], because we're playing five games a week with baseball," Linton said. "I have a class free. I do a lot of my running and my lifting in that class, but it's every other day."

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