Signee Update: P.J. Clyburn

North Carolina signee P.J. Clyburn is still dealing with the aftermath from his knee surgery.

"Since I tore my meniscus, my speed has gone down," Clyburn said.

Following his senior football season, Clyburn, a 6-foot-1, 215-pound athlete from Statesville (N.C.) West Iredell, had surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his right knee.

Clyburn's decrease of speed during his rehab process has been most evident during his spring track season. His 100-meter dash time, for example, has gone from a 10.8 seconds to over 11.

"I think my time is slowly getting back to normal," Clyburn said.

Clyburn expects to regain his speed by the summer time. He says his knee isn't sore or rusty, but weak.

Besides the 100, Clyburn participated in the 4x100 and 4x200 relays. However, he didn't partake in the 200-meter dash like he has in past seasons.

Clyburn elected to wait until the spring to actually test the knee. But, he was actually permitted to return to physical activity a week after his December surgery.

"[The surgery] wasn't a huge deal," Clyburn said. "I just had to wait for my stitches to be taken out."

According to Clyburn, UNC isn't concerned with his knee. He says he speaks to Allen Mogridge, his primary recruiter, every two-three days.

"He just makes sure I'm staying focused with my grades and stuff like that," Clyburn said.

In addition to his normal class workload at West Iredell, Clyburn is taking a math course online. He will be fully qualified and cleared to enroll at UNC after passing the online course and the classes he's taking this semester.

"My classes are going well," Clyburn said. "Everything is in place now."

This weekend, Clyburn will be taking just the writing part of the SAT, since he didn't take it previously. The writing portion of the SAT has no bearing on his qualifying status and is for class placement purposes.

On June 14, Clyburn will arrive at UNC for the second summer semester. He's unsure who he'll be rooming with.

Clyburn is coming into UNC as a linebacker. This fall, though, you're more likely to see him contributing on special teams.

"They haven't talked about red-shirting," Clyburn said. "Coach ‘Mo' said they're going to put me on the kickoff return team."

Clyburn received a workout regimen from UNC. However, his schedule has made it difficult to follow.

"After track practice is over, I go and do that math class online," Clyburn said. "After [the online class] and doing my regular schoolwork, it's bed time."

Clyburn would like to continue to wear his high school number into his college career. However, he'll have to wait at least one more season for that number to be available.

"When I went down there, I took a picture with 16 on, but [Kendric Burney] has No. 16," Clyburn said. "I'd be fine with 6."

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