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Eloy Vargas is a hot name again. The class of 2008 standout was an All-American prior to leaving Florida after his freshman season. Now the 6-foot-10 big man has high majors knocking at his door once more.

According to his former AAU coach Kenny Gillion, of Team Breakdown, Kentucky, North Carolina, Arizona and Seattle are the main players involved with the Miami-Dade Community College product.

"He just wants to go somewhere he can play," Gillion said. "He only has two years left. He's trying to get to the league, so he's trying to find a good situation and play well."

Vargas was supposed to head to Seattle earlier in the week, but didn't make the trip due to flight complications. Now Vargas is set to head to the Kentucky in the next few days.

"He's going out to Kentucky either tomorrow night or Friday night," Gillion said. "He'll take that visit and play it from there. He hasn't set up anything else. He was supposed to go up to Seattle but something happened."

Kentucky has been a mainstay in Vargas' recruitment since John Calipari arrived at Kentucky. The main reason being Vargas' and Gillion's relationship with UK assistant coach Orlando Antigua.

"There is interest there because of what Kentucky has done and what Calipari has done, but especially because Antigua is there," Gillion said.

"Antigua is Dominican," he added. "Eloy is Dominican and they've built a pretty good relationship because Pittsburgh was the first school to offer Eloy. And that came from Orlando Antigua. There's a comfort level there."

Vargas, who had averaged 25 points a game at Miami-Dade this past season, had a desire to go to UK coming out of Florida, but it wasn't a possibility.

"When he was leaving Florida they wanted him there but Eloy couldn't go. It was a situation where he was ineligible at Florida. It wasn't really the grades, but Florida had a particular class that you had to pass that's only at Florida that you had to pass."

"He couldn't transfer to go to Kentucky on an athletic scholarship. If he was able to transfer he would have been at Kentucky at that time. That's how close the relationship was."

Although Gillion said that Vargas doesn't have any intentions of committing while he's in Lexington, he didn't say it was out of the realm of possibility.

"They've stayed in contact with him ever since they left," Gillion said. "Ever since Antigua got there, Kentucky has always been very much involved. They are in there and they want to get it done."

While Kentucky may try and get it done, a few other schools will be hoping Vargas waits out the process. North Carolina is the one to get involved most recently. Steve Robinson put a call into Gillion last week.

"That was the first we'd heard from them since high school," said Gillions. "[Joe Holladay] was recruiting Eloy pretty hard when he was in high school. He was one of the first few to get in on him after his sophomore year."

"Once the Wear brothers left it opened up some stuff. Steve Robinson called last week and we know Steve Robinson from when he was at Florida State. He was giving us the rundown about them wanting Eloy to come in and play."

Although Gillion hasn't heard from Roy Williams, the Tar Heels assistant expressed serious interest.

"I don't know if Roy called, but Robinson for sure called," he said. "Robinson has a very good relationship with us. It's one of those things where we will hear more from Robinson than we will from Roy Williams."

"Robinson pretty much just said ‘We will take him right now,'" he added. "He said it was a situation where he could come in and play. It wasn't a thing where he said ‘We want you to come look at it.' It was more like him explaining why it would be a good fit for Eloy to come to North Carolina."

"He explained why it would be good for him to come. He said it was a good situation with their playing time and Eloy would have a good opportunity to play from day one."

Gillion said because of UNC's reputation they are a school that Vargas has to consider.

"Of course when North Carolina comes in it's always going to be something really intriguing. Eloy is just trying to take it one day at a time and see what they are going to do."

At this point, there isn't a timeframe for Vargas' decision. Gillon said he doesn't have any other visits set up.

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