Scouting Report: Justin Knox

What kind of a player is Justin Knox? To answer that question, Inside Carolina turned to a couple of insiders. Two SEC coaches provide a closer look at UNC's 6-9, 245-pound incoming transfer...

(Note: The two SEC coaches agreed to provide their exclusive insight under the condition of anonymity.)

    SEC Coach No. 1

    "He is a quality athlete and he's got a good body. I think he has decent post moves, he runs the floor well and he has good hands. He can be fairly aggressive and active.

    "Around the basket, I don't know if I'd say he's crafty, but he can find a way to put the ball in there. Against us he was not a weapon with a jumpshot – he didn't take any. From what we saw in the games against us, he got his work done closer to the basket.

    "He looked like more of a junk guy as opposed to a skill guy. By that I mean he's not going to grab you with his skillset, so his production comes from other areas. He definitely got offensive rebound putbacks against us. And the rest of his offense came from dunks and low post moves. We didn't see him perform like a 'catch, turn, face' type of guy. He's not going to come down and knock down deep jumpers from the top of the key.


    17 starts
    19.8 mpg
    6.3 ppg
    3.7 rpg (1.6 off)
    0.4 bpg
    44% FG
    73% FT

    31 starts
    20.4 mpg
    5.7 ppg
    5.1 rpg (1.7 off)
    0.7 bpg
    48% FG
    69% FT

    "I don't remember much of him as a defender or rebounder. We didn't put a lot of pressure on him defensively.

    "Given how depleted the post is on North Carolina's roster, I would clearly think that he's going to be able to contribute because of his size, ability to run the floor and SEC experience."

    SEC Coach No. 2

    "We recruited him and were high on him as a high school prospect, but I was kind of surprised that his numbers in college weren't a little better. I remember looking at his numbers and wondering why he wasn't more productive. We thought highly of him in our evaluations. His size is great -- he's a legit SEC presence from a size and athleticism standpoint.

    "In evaluating game film to prepare to play them, we saw that he could make a 15-foot jumpshot and he could catch it with his back to the basket. He didn't get that many touches on offense, though, because Jamychal Green was more of a focal point when they'd go inside.

    "In looking over our scouting report for them from last season, we talked to our post guys about his ability to knock down 15-foot jumpshots and his favorite post move, which was putting it down right and coming back over his right shoulder. He liked to use a jump hook.

    "So we thought his skill level was pretty high, but when you look at the numbers he didn't get a lot done. This new staff at Alabama, they probably put more of an emphasis on the defensive side of things. I kind of got the feeling that they were prioritizing defense and rebounding with him, not offensive production, and I think they were a little frustrated with him on that. He never jumped out at us as a great defender. We did think he tried to block shots and would leave his feet to try and chase shots, but the numbers don't show results. He's got really good size, but he's not the toughest guy. He's got the size -- a strong dude -- but I don't know if that's what he wants to do.

    "He's a capable scorer on the offensive end. He likes to face up and shoot an elbow jumpshot. I think from 15 feet and in he can be a shot maker. He has a solid skill level for his size. He didn't show a whole lot of it in the games against us, but we saw on film the back to the basket moves and he knocked down some short pick-and-pop jump shots.

    "I think he can definitely get up and down and run. Choosing to transfer to the UNC system and tempo makes sense for him. He's a substantial athlete."

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