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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- Cody Zeller returned to the Tournament of Champions with a more mature game and body from a year ago. He discussed his improvement and his recruiting timetable following his Indiana Elite team's opening round win on Friday night ...

How has your game changed since you were here last year?

I've gotten stronger, though I still have a long ways to go. That's helped my game a lot, with rebounding and post moves.

Have you gotten taller, too?

Yeah, a couple inches … I'm 6-10, 205.

Has it been hard to put weight on your frame?

It's been hard, especially with AAU. I could play seven or eight games this weekend and every weekend it's like that, plus working out a couple hours each weekday … I'm just trying to put on as much as possible right now.

You seem to be following your brother Tyler's path of blossoming during the latter half of your high school career …

It's just the hard work in the gym, good coaching – it really helps.

How much have your older brothers Luke and Tyler helped with that?

It helped watching them and then playing against them in the summers, learning different moves from them and what it takes to be a good player.

Do you guys have some rough pickup games in the offseason?

Yeah, one or two.

Who wins them now?

Depends what we're playing – horse or on-on-one (laughs). It goes back and forth – we keep it competitive.

How much do you keep in touch with Tyler during the season?

Quite a bit – a couple times each week, if my parents aren't talking to him. He keeps in touch.

What have you learned from his college experience?

Little things here and there that he helps me on with recruiting as well as different things about college.

How big is your list of schools under consideration at this point?

Too big. If I tried to list them all I'd leave one out and hear about it. … I'll narrow it down to five at the end of the summer. That's what I'm shooting for.

What's been your latest communications with North Carolina?

They get one call a month just like every other college and right now that's all they can do except letters and email.

Which coach on their staff do you talk the most with?

Mostly Coach (Jerod) Haase. I got to know him real well.

UNC hasn't offered you yet, but where does that situation stand with them as of now?

They know that I'm going to wait until my senior year to decide so they're waiting to see how it plays out. … I know where they stand and they're going to wait, so it's not a big deal right now.

Are you feeling any pressure to stay near home?

Yeah, but nothing too much – they are not going to sway me one way or another.

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