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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- 2011 point guard Quinn Cook discussed his recruitment following his DC Assault team's win Friday night at Carmichael Arena ...

Where are you standing with your college choices?
"I'm wide open. I kind of cut it down to a solid 15. Instead of 30-35 -- 15 is better than 35. I tried to cut it down to 15 but I'm still open though."

What are some of the schools?
"Carolina, State, UCLA, Arizona, Rutgers, Georgetown, Wake Forest, Villanova ..."

What are you looking for in a school?
"Definitely a connection with the coach. Being a point guard you've got to be the coach on the floor, so you've got to have that connection. Playing time, definitely. I want to go somewhere where the ball is in my hands and the coach has trust in me from Day 1. I know it's not going to be given to me and I'll have to work for it but at least there's a shot for me. I'm looking for that."

When is the last time you heard from Carolina?
"Today actually, late this morning, I got an email from coach McGrath. They want me to stay for an unofficial while I'm out here but I think I've got to go back and study for my exams. But I'll be back."

What are you looking forward to see at Carolina?
"I was here for Late Night with Roy but I didn't really get a tour because it was so late and I had to leave the next day. But I kind of want to see the buildings and schools and dorms. I've seen everything like the Dean Dome and all that but I kind of want to see the life of Carolina basketball."

When do you think you'll be able to come back?
"Hopefully soon. Probably sometime in August when I come out here and chill with my God brother Nolan. So I'll probably take a little ride out here and have him drop me off for a visit."

What kind of relationship do you have with Nolan Smith?
"He's my god brother/mentor/everything. That's my right hand man, that's what I call him. I've known him since I was five. We kind of have the same situation. He's always there for me. When he's back home, we're always together. We're like brothers."

Is Duke on the radar?
"I thought they were but I haven't had contact with them in a long time. But if they are still interested, I'm definitely still interested. I haven't had an opportunity to form a relationship with any of the coaches. If they were willing to have interest in me, I'd definitely have interest in them."

You seemed intent on taking it to the rim today. What was the thinking behind that?
"I definitely wanted to establish a role early. Our problem with this team is that we settle for a lot of threes. So coach told us, the first four possessions, get to the bucket. So I was getting to the bucket early. I'm a shooter. That's what I do. But I take these games as something where I can get better."

You utilized a floater tonight, is that something you shoot normally?
"I definitely take the time to work on that being that I'm not the tallest, strongest or most athletic guy. I definitely try to work on my floater game."

Is your play-making ability something that's developing or something that's already part of your repertoire?
"I'm a pass-first point guard. A lot of people take the 30-point games from high school and think that I'm a scoring point guard but that's one thing I do is pass. My coaches used to bench me for not shooting. I think it's a plus to have a point guard that can score but I'm definitely pass-first -- definitely."

Who have you been hearing the most from?
"Definitely Arizona, UCLA and Wake. They've definitely been the three. Everybody is here and there, not pressuring me, but I've definitely heard the most from them."

Do you think you're going to wait on a decision or make it sooner rather than later?
"I don't know. I definitely want to take all five of my visits. I don't want to rush into a decision. This could be one of the biggest decisions of your life, so you want to weigh out all your options. Hopefully by the fall, if not by the spring."

How often do you hear from North Carolina?
"They give me a call once a month and I email coaches here and there. They're definitely very active."

What do you like about Carolina?
"The tradition of course. I grew up a Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan fan. So my dream school ever since I was young has always been Carolina. Just everything about it."

Carolina is your dream school?
"Growing up I always wanted to be Carolina or Duke. It was always those two. Even though they were rivals."

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