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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- While most fans in attendance at the Tournament of Champions Friday night in Chapel Hill probably knew the name Rodney Purvis, chances are the majority hadn't seen the 15-year old wunderkind play.

But two minutes into his first appearance in the tournament for the CP3 All-Stars, the Upper Room Christian Academy freshman formally introduced himself to the TOC crowd with one of the top highlights of the opening night -- a one-handed jam over a Coastal Crew Rebels defender on a fast break.

"I was just running in the lanes," Purvis said. "Anytime I run in the lanes I get something out of it. So I was just running in the lanes."

This was Purvis' first appearance in the 17U bracket at the TOC but don't let the braces fool you, he wasn't afraid of the spotlight. The already heralded 2013 prospect scored 13 points on 5-of-11 shooting off the bench in CP3's blowout win.

"I've been doing this for a minute," Purvis said. "I'm used to it now."

After CP3 built a commanding lead early in the contest, Purvis was able to get plenty of reps off the bench. In addition to his superb bounce, Purvis also showed off his quickness and strength around the basket.

At 6-foot-4 Purvis sees himself as a combo guard and fit that role to a tee Friday. Though he played on the wing most of the night and was rarely the primary ballhander, he did show flashes of his point guard skills, initiating the fast break and setting up teammates for easy buckets.

"I just try to get the ball out in transition and make the game a lot easier by scoring or getting the ball to one of my teammates," Purvis said.

Playing with a loaded CP3 team, Purvis isn't asked to do much and he's enjoying the opportunity to pick his spots.

"My role is just to play hard, really. Rebound a little bit. Play defense. Score when I can. But mostly rebound and look for open teammates," Purvis said. "I'm normally looking for my teammates. I've got to make them happy."

Purvis has a busy summer ahead of him. In addition to a full slate of AAU basketball and playing for the 16U U.S. Team, he said he also wants to keep working on his game.

"I'm just basically working on being consistent from the mid-range," Purvis said. "I'm working on my mid-range jump shot a lot because I can pretty much get to the hole but there are going to be taller and taller players when I go up and up and up so I've got to work on my pull-up."

While Purvis' skills are advanced, his recruitment isn't. He's taking his time getting to know schools and plans on signing late in his high school career. As of now, his only offers are from Xavier, VCU, Baylor and N.C. Central.

But playing in the Smith Center Friday night was an honor that wasn't lost on the North Carolina native.

"I like it here. I like playing here," Purvis said. "I just like the atmosphere, it's great."

Purvis hears pretty consistently from UNC assistant coach Steve Robinson and said the attention is welcomed.

"I love to hear from Carolina. It's the best school in the country just about," Purvis said. "I grew up a Carolina fan. I loved all the players and stuff. ... I (also) got one of my best friends Reggie Bullock coming in next year. So I'll be here a lot to see him play."

Last year at the UNC/Miami game Purvis met Roy Williams and said he liked him.

"He's cool. He's real cool," Purvis said. "I see why he gets players to come here."

Right now the Carolina coaching staff is in the process of evaluating him and getting to know him, which is something he said he doesn't have a problem with.

"They just try to see basically how I'm going to project out first instead of jumping the gun so fast," Purvis said.

But the rising sophomore isn't anywhere near ready to declare a leader or anything like that. He said he's still gathering information about schools.

"(I'm) just learning about them," Purvis said. "I'm open to every single college."

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