TOC: Adonis Thomas Q&A

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- 2011 wing Adonis Thomas discusses his recruitment overall, UNC's recent contact, and his skills development...

Can I get a school list from you?

Memphis, Tennessee, Ohio State, Missouri, Florida, Florida State, Miami, Indiana, UCLA, Texas, Georgia, Tech, Alabama.

Who do you have offers from?

Everyone except Texas and UCLA.

Any favorites?

Nah, not right now.

How would you assess your skills development?

I'm a really versatile type player. I'm still working on my ball-handling and my outside shot. At the next level I'm probably going to play the two guard, so that is still coming along with being inside out, posting up smaller guards, going by bigger defenders is my type game.

Tell me more about what you have to improve on the most to make the move to the college level.

I want to stay versatile and be able to take my guy to the rim or make the outside shot so I would say my outside shot.

I know that North Carolina had showed some early interest in you and have recently shown some renewed interest with some recent contact with you. Is that true?

I got in contact with Coach Steve Robinson maybe about two days before I headed out here. He basically just said that they were going to be following me over the summer time and will tell me after the summer time where they stand with me — if they will offer me or not.

What position would they be recruiting you to play — a two or a three?

Most likely a three-guard with the guys they have already. They have a lot of shooters coming in so most likely an athletic three.

Do you have a timetable for when you want to take visits?

Hopefully, during the fall with high school. If not, in the wintertime. If everything goes well I'm probably going to sign early. If not, I'm probably going to take my time and wait for the spring.

What about Duke down the road? Has Duke shown any interest in you?

I talked to Duke but not recently. I'm not sure if they are still recruiting me or not. Maybe I will they will hear from them coming up soon but I still have interest in them. As far as being a guy from Memphis, is there a lot of pressure on you to stay in your hometown?

Yes, there is a lot of pressure. I see guys everyday that want me to stay. My teammates from last year, the Memphis Magic, a lot of guys signed with Memphis so that is a big thing also — it's always good.

How much will knowing guys already on the team affect your decision?

Ah, that's big. I have a lot of chemistry with those guys. I've been knowing them for years.

Are there guys on other teams that you know?

Andre Drummond. He's a big guy. I played with him at USA Basketball this summer, so hopefully I'll see him again, maybe in two or three weeks.

Do you have any family in other states?

I'm originally from St. Louis, Missouri.

What style of play are you looking for in college?

A fast pace, pressure defense, getting out and always running. If we need to set it up, I'm still going to set it up. That's my type of game, but I really want to run and get it out.

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