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NORMAN, Okla. --- The Tar Heels are preparing to open NCAA Tournament play Friday evening against California in the Norman Regional. Head coach Mike Fox, pitcher Matt Harvey and shortstop Ryan Graepel spoke to the media Thursday afternoon ...

Mike Fox

Opening Statement:
"We couldn't be more excited to be here, be a part of this regional and be in the NCAA tournament again. Getting in at the very end, to say the least, was suspenseful for us. We are happy to be one of the 64 teams and I don't think many of the guys on our team, including myself and the staff, have been to this part of the country before, so it is exciting to be some place new and we are excited to get started."

On playing as an at-large team as opposed to a national seed:
"It was different in the room watching the show because we didn't know if we were in or not. We had to wait for the very last regional to come up so it was very suspenseful in the room because none of us knew before hand whether we were in or not. A little different but the excitement is still the same."

On Oklahoma:
"Obviously we've been focusing on Cal so far, but I think this is a terrific regional and Oklahoma has a very storied tradition in baseball. They play in a great league of course, as we all know, and against great competition, as do we. I don't know a great deal about them right now. I know their record, how well they play and they are hosting this regional which certainly gives them the advantage right out of the gate. They have been good for a long time here and we'll see if we get the opportunity to play Oklahoma."

Ryan Graepel

On playing their best baseball of the year right now:
"I definitely think so. Like Coach said, the week layoff has been different but you just look at the results of the games and you can tell we are clicking on all cylinders right now. If you look back to the Virginia series, with the biggest crowd they've had and their history, we had two out of three games come down to the wire with Virginia having walk-off home runs. We feel like we can play with anybody right now."

Matt Harvey

On this being the last year at Rosenblatt Stadium:
"It is a very special place for us who have been there. Our main goal is getting back and trying to be in history playing in the last time out there. We are going to do everything we can to get back and hopefully we'll be sending it off on a good note."

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