UNC-OU (G2): Postgame Quotes + Audio

NORMAN, Okla. -- Listen and read postgame interviews with Mike Fox, Ryan Graepel, Mike Cavasinni and Colin Bates, as well as Oklahoma head coach Sunny Golloway, following the Sooners' 3-2 victory over North Carolina at L. Dale Mitchell Park on Sunday.

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Opening statement:
"First of all, I would like to congratulate the University of Oklahoma. They are a terrific team and to win a college regional is a special feat as good as all the teams are. I congratulate them for moving on and they just outplayed us the two games. Again, I congratulate them.

"At the end of the season there are a lot of emotions. I have my three seniors up here and it couldn't have been any sweeter to end fighting hard like they did. They are three special young men who did a lot for our program. I wouldn't be able to put it into words. I disappointed that our season is obviously over but if you would have told me we would have been here a month ago, I would have told you we would have not made it this far. I am real proud of our team and what we accomplished. We talk about character and all the traits that you want your players to have and our team has it. I congratulate the University of Oklahoma for putting on a great regional and moving on to the next round."

On the ninth inning at-bats:
"We are trying to get a base hit to put some pressure on them and you got to give them credit. Bobby (Shore) pitched great, just like the guy last night. There were a lot of strikes, a lot of first pitch strikes, a lot of change ups and breaking balls. We had five hits, so the fact that we were in the game I thought was a credit to our pitching."


On his career at North Carolina:
"My career here has been up and down with injuries but whether we lost tonight or made it to Omaha, I wouldn't take one thing back from being here. The teams I played with and the players I played with, that is something I am going to take with the rest of my life. This is not the way we wanted to end, but I am happy we were here and had an extra weekend to play with these guys."


On the game against Oklahoma:
"Oklahoma did a great job of getting players on base early in innings and our pitchers did a great job of stepping their games up. Our pitching staff deserves a lot of credit because they only gave up three runs and whenever you only give up three runs you should win the game. It is a great credit to their pitcher because he pitched a great game."


On his game against Oklahoma:
"I was just trying to attack the strike zone. Last night, I threw a lot of breaking balls and tonight I wanted to attack them with more fast balls. I was trying to keep them off balance and keep ahead in the game and I did my best to keep my team in the game and I am happy to go down fighting like we did."


Opening statement:
"(The) opening statement would just be really proud. I'm proud of our student-athletes. I'm proud of the guys who have played in our program that fought hard. Sometimes it doesn't matter how hard you fight, things just don't go your way. This is a team that played really well and got to find victory in a regional here in Norman. I'm real excited for them. Like I said yesterday in the press conference, the reward for the coaches and everyone that works with our student -athletes from academics all the way through to student life, all of them, the reward is seeing how they respond and represent the University of Oklahoma. I really feel like we're already rewarded and that our players' final reward is victory and a dog pile. That's a pleasure to see, I'm really proud."

On Bobby Shore's improvement:
"Bobby has been very consistent. Zach Neal, very consistent. When you look at Michael Rocha and the things he has done over his career, very consistent. I'll be the first one to tell you, there are times that we get on them and times that we push them. That's how our program is built. The players know that we love them but they know we expect their very best. Bobby stumbled late in the season and he knew that. We knew he would get back up and really go hard and we knew it would only be a matter of time and he was terrific."

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