Gray Facing New Options

North Carolina signee Carlos Gray won't be enrolling at UNC this weekend with the rest of the Tar Heels' 2010 recruiting class.

"He has some work to do academically to get there," Pinson (Ala.) Valley head football coach Matt Glover said. "His ACT [score] is fine, he just has some core [GPA] to work on.

"I don't see him enrolling at UNC this year at all."

Gray, a 6-foot-3, 300-pound defensive tackle, is looking into his next step. Depending on the final word on his academic situation, his likely options are junior college and prep school.

"We're working on that trying to figure out where he's going to be at," Glover said.

If he can get into a prep school, Gray could become qualified by December. If he enrolls at a junior college, he'd have to graduate from that school before transferring into a four-year institution. Graduating from a junior college takes, on average, two years.

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