Bullock Ready for UNC

The wait is almost over for Reggie Bullock. More than two years after he committed to the University of North Carolina, the Kinston High standout is just a few days away from finally heading to Chapel Hill -- and he's ready to go.

Bullock joins fellow freshmen Kendall Marshall and Harrison Barnes on Sunday in Chapel Hill as the three young men move into their dorm with sophomore John Henson. Bullock's grandmother is sick so she won't be able to make the trip, but he'll have his high school coach Wells Gulledge and a few friends to move him in and help him get settled in Chapel Hill.

"I'm leaving back a lot of memories and connections with a lot of friends I made through high school," Bullock said. "But I'm ready to open a new chapter in my life and continue basketball throughout college and into the next level."

Bullock has spent most of his time recently tying up loose ends in Kinston and saying goodbye to his home town.

"It won't get too emotional because they're only an hour and a half away from me," Bullock said. "But I signed that letter of intent so my time for them over the next four years of my life is going to be limited."

Thanks to an early commitment to Carolina, Bullock won't exactly be moving in with strangers. Over the past two years, Bullock, Marshall and Barnes cultivated a relationship long before move-in day.

"It's nice to room with those guys," Bullock said. "All of them have great personalities and we all act alike. We get along pretty well. It'll be a fun time."

It's good that the three freshmen are close because they'll enter a situation Monday few can understand. After a disappointing season by the Heels in 2009-10, help is needed and expectations are high for the three freshmen.

Bullock said he's not sure if he should expect photo or autograph seekers on his way to class, but either way he's not letting the pressure affect him.

"People are going to say what they want to say," he said. "We're just going to go in and play the games we played in high school at the college level and hopefully we can prove those people right. Hopefully they can get what they want out of us and we can have a great season."

Since Tar Heel fans last saw Bullock on the high school all-star circuit, he's been hard at work getting ready for life at UNC. In addition to working on his mid-range pull-up jumper and his ball handling in the gym, Bullock has also been in the weight room transforming his body.

He says the biggest obstacle he'll face as a freshman is the strength of college players and he's trying his best to be ready.

"I'm working out every morning with my high school football coach in the weight room," said Bullock, who was first introduced to weight training last summer. "My bench press has probably improved the most. I'm benching 270 now."

In addition to Jonas Sahratian testing him in the weight room this summer, Bullock expects current and former Heels to test him on the court.

Bullock will wear the No. 35 next winter but right now he's more interested in whether he'll be shirts or skins this summer.

"I'm looking forward to those (pick-up games) and actually playing with some of the NBA guys," Bullock said. "I basically just want to get used to how they play on the college level and get out there and play my hardest."

Bullock starts class Monday, taking a sports and recreation management class and a public speaking class, but he won't be able to get too comfortable. He will return to Kinston briefly Tuesday to attend his high school graduation before quickly heading back to the Hill.

"I'm actually looking forward to graduation," Bullock said. "But I'm ready to get to UNC."

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