Holts 'At Home' At UNC

Kiaro Holts, one of the nation's top offensive tackles, made the call to UNC on Friday morning. The Indianapolis (Ind.) Warren Central standout spoke with InsideCarolina.com about his decision to become a Tar Heel ...

Why did you decide on UNC?

"The coaching staff is really good, I liked the players I met, [and] I just felt at home when I went there."

You visited UNC earlier in the month. What role did that visit play in your decision?

"It played a big role – getting to see the athletic trainer, the facilities are great, [and] the equipment that they get. And meeting Coach [Butch] Davis had a big part. I just felt at home my whole time in Chapel Hill."

Before that visit, how much were you considering UNC and how much did the visit initially change those feelings?

"When I went in there, they were probably like top ten. And then when I left, they were top five."

When did you know UNC was the place for you?

"When I left [Chapel Hill]."

What role did Sam Pittman, your primary recruiter, play in your decision?

"He was a big part. He's just showed me a lot of love – way more than everybody else. He treated me better. He treated me like a football player, but also as a person."

What affect did James Hurst, who – like you – was a highly recruited offensive tackle from Indiana, have on your decision?

"[Him being from Indiana] helped a lot. I talked to him a lot, too. He pretty much recruited me, too.

"Mostly, we didn't really talk about football the whole time. We just talked about how college is and how good it is to be a Tar Heel."

When did you actually tell Pittman the news?

"This morning - at like 3 o'clock in the morning. I just wanted to wake the coach up and let him know who I was picking so he could have a good day."

What did he say when you told him the news?

"He was really happy. He was really happy that he was going to be able to coach me. He said we have some big plans for me."

What is the plan for you once you arrive on campus?

"He said I have a good chance of competing for a starting position."

What position does Pittman project you at?

"Left tackle.

Why did you opt to make this decision now?

"I just wanted to go ahead [and] commit somewhere, so I can focus on my season. We want to win the state [championship] again, like we did last year."

How firm is this commitment? Will you visit any other schools?

"I'll probably visit one more school for an official – if [UNC] lets me. I don't have a school in mind."

Do you plan to help UNC recruit other prospects?

"I'm going to start by recruiting one of my teammates, Nick [Temple], to come there. I want to try to recruit, since I'm the No. 5 tackle in the nation – that should tell [other recruits] that they should come [to UNC]."

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